The MANHART MH8 600 BMW M850i

August 7, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on August 7, 2019

MH8 600: M8-level power

Just a few weeks ago, BMW unveiled the final top model of the 8 series: the M8 Competition. It has the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine (S63) as the M5, which delivers 625 hp of power. That is almost 100 hp more than the previous most powerful variant – the M850i. The M850i’s tamer 530 hp N63 eight-cylinder engine hides beneath its front hood. But now, the company MANHART Performance is offering an equally powerful alternative to the M8 based on the M850i.

Its new name, MANHART MH8 600, provides a clear indication of the punch packed by this large coupé – but even this is somewhat of an understatement: the V8 delivers no less than 621 hp thanks to the installation of the MHtronik additional control device. Although this figure is more or less on par with the factory M8 power, the N63 is streets ahead of the S63 when it comes to torque after getting the MANHART treatment: the MH8 600 delivers up to 890 Nm compared with a maximum of 750 Nm in the M8. Finally, a set of H&R springs completes the technical list of engine optimizations. This brings us on to the aesthetics: the springs lower the chassis by about 30 millimeters, drawing the sporty two-door car even closer to the road.

In this way, the BMW’s new set of wheels are even better at achieving the desired look: MANHART fitted their Concave One light alloy rims, which measure 9×21″ at the front and 10.5×21″ at the rear, onto the axles. With the exception of the gold trim line on the horn, they are finished entirely in matte black. The wheels fitted with 255/30 and 295/25 tires therefore match the color of the chassis perfectly: gold on black was used for a whole range of accentuating trim lines – as is so typical of MANHART’s vehicle projects.

To cap it all off, parts made from carbon coated in clear varnish were added as small highlights: the front bumper set, diffuser and spoiler lip on the rear are all manufactured from the popular, lightweight fiber composite material, which enhances and rounds off the noble and sporty appearance of the MH8 600.

All additional facts, as well as price and delivery information, can be found at or requested directly from the MANHART Performance sales team.