The Geigercars Corvette C8

July 7, 2021 By Mike
Last updated on July 7, 2021

Corvette C8: complete optimization package for the mid-engine sportster

There’s no two ways about it: the Corvette C8 got off to a bad start in life. After all, Chevrolet switched to a mid-engine car after 65 years and seven generations of front-engine Corvettes. This was bound to raise an initial hue and cry from its fans. But as often happens, the new and unusual will eventually become less daunting, disapproval will wain and more and more fans will learn to come to terms with the C8. It’s new concept undoubtedly offers enough reasons for a reconciliation. The US car specialists from in Munich also recognized the huge potential of the new model straight away and came up with an extensive package to further optimize various aspects on behalf of their tuning label “Geiger Performance”.

• Carbon front and rear spoiler for improved longitudinal dynamics
• Optimized vehicle dynamics through coilover or club sports suspension
• Brake upgrades for better deceleration
• OZ Racing alloy rims in 19 and 20 inch or 20 and 21 inch

The Corvette C8 already boasts an extremely snappy look and sharply contoured styling in its standard design. This is further underscored by the front and rear spoilers, developed and made by Geiger in Germany, whereby a number of surfaces and contours have been picked up on and adopted to ensure a seamless integration in the factory-set look. After being designed in CAD, the first prototypes for installation and road tests were produced by 3D printing. The finished spoilers are made from high-quality prepreg carbon and have corresponding parts certificates – Geiger itself performed the necessary tests of the splintering behavior and lift measurements for these certificates. The spoilers were developed to not only improve the look of the car but also its aerodynamics: the goal was to achieve sufficient downforce and at the same time cause as little drag as possible so as to gain advantages for the longitudinal dynamics and top speed.

GeigerCars were able to achieve a further improvement in aerodynamics and drag with the help of an air duct for the front bumper. This makes for a better flow of air beneath the vehicle, which also results in a higher contact pressure at the front.

GeigerCars offers a number of OZ Racing wheel sets for the C8 to further customize its look: customers who set more store in stylish aspects cannot go wrong by choosing the Leggera HLT alloy rims in 20 inch for the front axle and 21 inch for the rear axle, with Michelin tires in 245/30R20 and 305/25R21. Drivers who also want to use their C8 as a track tool on the racetrack can go for the Ultraleggera in 19 inch for the front and 20 inch for the rear axle instead. These are 20 kilos lighter than the original Corvette wheels. The resulting reduction of the unsprung mass in connection with the outstanding grip provided by the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R semi-slicks in 245/35R19 and 305/30R20 guarantees a hugely improved track performance.

This is further enhanced by a new suspension for the Corvette. A Geiger club sports suspension is currently being developed in collaboration with KW Suspensions that should appeal to particularly ambitious track day racers. The spring and damper characteristics as wells as the additional Unibal top mounts are attuned on the circuit with the expert help of Daniel Keilwitz, a professional racecar driver. Alternatively, GeigerCars also offers a 5-way coilover suspension version that has also been designed together with KW Suspensions. This is based on the displacement piston technology that is familiar in motor sports and can be adjusted four times with 14 clicks each – the compression and rebound stages separately for the low and high speed range. It goes without saying that both version come with a corresponding parts certificate.

Other handling advantages are undoubtedly obtained from the Geiger Performance chassis struts, which were also designed using CAD. A stainless steel strut brace for the front axle guarantees greater stability and support at the front damper mounts, promising a more precise response from the suspension damping. The stainless steel struts in the engine bay complete with crosslinks replace the factory-set aluminum struts and at the same time guarantee even greater torsional stiffness and stability. Thanks to a clearance certificate, the powder-coated struts (available on request) need no formal registration.

Anyone who drives fast should also have a stable brake system on board to bring them to a standstill without any problems if necessary. GeigerCars can offer a number of different solutions here too. These begin with an upgrade of the standard Z51 bakes with the help of steel-flex lines and sports brake linings. An even snappier alternative is a complete AP Racing track brake system for the front and rear axles, each with 6-piston brake calipers on two-part discs as well as steel-flex lines. This is equally suitable for combination with the standard wheels or the 19 and 20 inch OZ Ultraleggeras. Before a corresponding parts certificate could be issued, GeigerCars tested both the operational stability as well as the braking power in extensive road tests. To stop the brakes from overheating, for example in tough permanent use on the track, the offer also includes CAD-built, additional brake cooling for the rear axle. A belt strut to fasten a 4-point harness can be optionally installed in the Corvette C8.

All of the parts named above are exclusively available from Geiger Performance GmbH.

Technical data, Corvette C8
Engine: V8 gasoline engine
Cubic capacity: 6.2 liters
Power: 369 kW (502 hp) at 6,450 rpm
Torque: 637 Nm at 5,150 rpm
Acceleration 0–100: 2,95 seconds
Top speed: 312 km/h
Transmission: 8-speed automatic transmission
Consumption in city/on highway/combined: 19,3 l / 9,4 l / 12,84 l per 100 km
CO2 emissions, combined: 298 g/km
Emission class: Euro 6
Energy efficiency class: G
Vehicle price: from 89.900 Euro
GeigerCars conversion

  • CAD-designed spoiler of prepreg carbon
    Front spoiler (incl. paintwork) € 1,849.99*
    Rear spoiler (incl. paintwork) € 1,729.99*
  • Air duct for front bumper € 749.00*
  • OZ Racing aluminum wheel sets (incl. TÜV)
    Ultraleggera in FA 19 inch and RA 20 inch
    with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R semi-slicks in 245/35R19 and 305/30R20 € 4,990.00*
    Leggera HLT in FA 20 inch and RA 21 inch
    with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires in 245/30R20 and 305/25R21 € 4,990.00*
  • Suspensions from developments with KW Suspensions (with certification)
    5-way coilover suspension version (4-way adjustment) € 6,569.00*
    Geiger club sports suspension (incl. Unibal top mounts) € 7,399.00*
  • Chassis struts
    Stainless steel front axle strut brace € 599.99*
    Stainless steel engine bay strut brace € 1,199.00*
  • Brake system upgrade (FA/RA)
    Upgrade for the Z51 standard brake system
    (consisting of steel-flex lines and sports brake linings) Price on request
    AP Racing Track brake system (FA/RA)
    (consisting of 6-piston brake calipers, two-part brake
    discs and steel-flex brake lines) Price on request
  • Additional rear axle brake cooling Price on request
  • Additional belt strut to fasten a 4-point harness Price on request

*) All prices include installation and 19% statutory sales tax.