The G23 BMW 4 series Convertible by AC Schnitzer

September 7, 2021 By Mike
Last updated on September 7, 2021

Spring – summer – autumn or winter: with modern convertibles it is no longer a question of which season you want to enjoy them. Much more important is whether the driver has the convertible gene in him. Anyone who can answer “yes” to this question can consider himself or herself lucky, because then he or she belongs to a group of people who associate driving a car with a special form of emotion. Once a convertible fan – always a convertible fan. Especially when it’s the new 4-series convertible, which has been refined by the BMW specialists at AC Schnitzer.

The fact that the wind blows around your nose in a convertible is of course exactly what it’s all about – in the 4 series Convertible by AC Schnitzer, however, the wind can sometimes blow a little stronger, thanks to the performance upgrades available for the M440i, 430i, 420i and the 430d models. All performance upgrades are backed by warranty. Depending on the engine, the AC Schnitzer cranking range is between 165 kW/224 hp (on the 420i) and 309 kW/420 hp (on the M440i). A new AC Schnitzer engine optics is also available.

Enjoying with all senses naturally includes hearing. And that’s where the AC Schnitzer stainless steel sports rear silencer comes into play, with its exhaust flaps and a choice of different “Sport” tailpipe trims in carbon, chrome or black anodised, providing the sonorous background sound. For a purely visual solution, solo tailpipes are also available.

The feeling of sitting in a particularly sporty, safe BMW, which is fully suitable for everyday use and in which the serpentine chase is just as much fun as the drive to the ice cream parlour, is experienced as soon as you set off. Thanks to the AC Schnitzer sports suspension, which features a pleasant spring/damper combination and lowers the body by approx. 15 – 25 mm, you feel you are in the best of hands at all times. For pure lowering, a suspension spring kit is available.

The concept of driving dynamics is made perfect with the AC Schnitzer wheel and tyre combinations. Brand new are the AC4 Flow Forming wheels in BiColor or black, available in 20″ and prepared for 235/35 R 20 tyres on the front and 265/30 R 20 on the rear axle. AC1 alloy wheels in BiColor or Anthracite can be selected in 19″ and 20″ sizes. For those who want to continue using the standard tyres in a sportier way, wheel spacers are available with 10 mm on each side.

Following the motto “Form follows Function”, the aerodynamic components for the 4 series Convertible were also developed by the AC Schnitzer experts. The front splitter alone already provides 35 kg increased downforce on the front axle (at 200 km/h). Together with the front spoiler elements, the side skirts, the emblems and the rear skirt protection foil the result is an aerodynamic conversion which is not only very functional but also aesthetically pleasing, immediately “outing” the 4 series Convertible as an AC Schnitzer vehicle.

The interior is refined with aluminium accessories: gearshift paddles, a pedal set with matching footrest, a cover for the iDrive controller and a keyholder also noticeably enhance the interior and provide a pleasant feel.