TECHART Porsche Cayman S

September 2, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on October 27, 2016

TECHART Porsche Cayman S (1)TECHART Porsche Cayman S (2)TECHART Porsche Cayman S

TECHART Automobildesign adds the TECHART Rear Spoiler II to its recently introduced aerodynamic kit for the new Porsche Cayman models. The refinement specialist for Porsche models from Leonberg developed all parts under consideration of technical and aesthetic aspects to underline the mid-engine sports car’s mentality. For the first time ever TECHART Automobilsdesign presents its individualization program based on Porsche Cayman S at 65th Frankfurt International Motor Show from September 12 to 22 2013.

The new TECHART Rear Spoiler II, made from high-quality PU-RIM, completes the TECHART Aerodynamic Kit for Porsche Cayman models. Adjustable in two stages, the driver is able to regulate the wing profile’s angle manually. Thus the ambition for aerodynamic balance of the entire vehicle is taken into account consequently. In combination with the TECHART Front Spoiler I the TECHART Rear Spoiler II generates sporty driving characteristics. The rear diffuser with TECHART Diffuser Trim and the centrally located TECHART Sport Tailpipes makes up the distinctive rear. The TECHART design language is transported coherently to the front by upright fins in the side air channels at the rear wheel arches and by side mirror trims.

Together with the TECHART Front Spoiler I with integrated splitter and re-designed and bigger central air duct, the new TECHART Rear Spoiler II gives the Porsche Cayman models a more aggressive look. The outline of the mid-engine sports car appears considerably more powerful and dynamic.

The audible enhancement of the TECHART Program for Porsche Cayman models is undertaken by the valve-controlled TECHART Sport Exhaust System, which lends the 6-cylinder Boxer engine a more sporty and powerful sound at the press of a button. Alternatively the TECHART Sport Exhaust Muffler can be chosen.

TECHART Wheels in 21-inch perfectly match the TECHART Aerodynamic Kit for Porsche Cayman models. Customers can choose the classic 5-spoke TECHART Formula light-alloy wheel or the dynamic twin-spoke design of the weight-reduced TECHART Formula III forged wheel. Optionally available in new attractive colours and finishes just as burnished in glossy smooth finish or bi-colour finish. Additionally planned is the new TECHART Formula IV light-alloy wheel in 21-inch, which is presented for the first time ever at this year’s Frankfurt International Motor Show.

The TECHART Sport Spring Kit lowers the ride height of the Porsche Cayman models by 35 mm compared to a standard suspension and by 25 mm compared to a PASM suspension.

TECHART offers a multitude of individual self-realisation opportunities for the interior of Porsche Cayman models. TECHART Leather Interior, TECHART Rooflining in Alcantara including decorative stitching, painted trims and panels as well as TECHART Interior Styling Packages in paint or carbon fibre upgrade the vehicle’s interior and adapt exterior styling features consistently. The TECHART 3-spokes Sport Steering Wheel with ergonomically shaped TECHART Paddle Shifters guarantees precise vehicle control and allows sporty gear changes with maximum driving pleasure. Of course TECHART Paddle Shifters can also be retrofitted to all Porsche sport steering wheels and multifunctional steering wheels with PDK gearshift buttons.

Technical data (exhibition vehicle)
TECHART Individualization Program for Porsche Cayman S

Exterior & Aerodynamics
TECHART Rear Spoiler II in white, adjustable
TECHART Front Spoiler I in white with integrated splitter in meteor grey
TECHART Trim Bar for centre shaft in white
Trim bars in front apron in meteor grey
TECHART Side Mirror Trims in meteor grey (side mirrors in meteor grey, side mirror trims lower part in white, side mirror holders in white)
TECHART Trim Bars for side air channels in white
Rear diffuser in meteor grey with TECHART Diffuser Trim in white

Engine & Drive
TECHART Exhaust System Sport, valve-controlled, TECHART Sport Tailpipes black matt finish

Suspension & Wheels
TECHART Formula III 5-spoke forged wheels in 21-inch, in meteor grey with outer rim in orange
TECHART Sport Spring Kit (ride height lowering by up to 30 mm at front and rear)
TECHART Spacer Kit
Brake calipers in orange with TECHART logotype in black

Leather interior black with TECHART decorative stitching in orange
TECHART Carbon Interior Kits I (dashboard), II (door panel trims), III (centre console), V (luggage space bar), VI (loadspace rear), and VII (backrest shell Sports seat Plus) in graphite grey
TECHART Interior Styling Package IV (door handles) in meteor grey
TECHART Decorative Cording armrests door panel and door opener trim in orange
TECHART Instrument Dial (revs) in orange
TECHART Sport Chrono Instrument Dial in orange
TECHART 3-spokes Sport Steering Wheel (PDK) in leather black, decorative stitching in orange and straight-ahead marker in orange, Airbag frame in meteor grey
TECHART Paddle Shifters in orange with symbols in meteor grey
TECHART Comfort Kit Hood II in leather black and decorative stitching in orange (incl. 2 LEDs)
TECHART Aluminium Sport Pedals hard anodized
TECHART Aluminium Foot Rest hard anodized
TECHART Door Entry Guards in black with inlay in white and TECHART logotype illuminated in orange
TECHART Rooflining in Alcantara anthracite with decorative stitching in orange (incl. pillar trims in leather black)
TECHART Floor Mats in black with leather piping in black and decorative stitching in orange, leather straps with TECHART logo
TECHART Loadspace Floor Mat (front and rear) in black with leather piping in black and decorative stitching in orange, leather straps with TECHART logo
Dashboard side trims in leather
Sun visors in leather black with decorative stitching in orange
Door panel trim in leather
Door Airbag trims in leather
Door openers in meteor grey
Door handle segments in leather
Backrest releases seats in white
Instrument panel in meteor grey
Sport Chrono frame in meteor grey
Opener glove compartment in meteor grey
Gear selector in leather black, meteor grey and orange
Gear selector cover in meteor grey
Air nozzles in meteor grey, air nozzle adjusters in orange
Trim for safety belt guide in meteor grey