TDI-Tuning Improving Performance, Even On The Mercedes AMG

March 5, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 3, 2015

Mercedes E 350 AMG Cabriolet

  • Top end of the market covered by UK tuning box designer and developer
  • Easily fitted and easily removed at any stage of a car’s life
  • TDI-Tuning’s systems maximise the potential of complex modern engines, increasing power, torque and drivability whilst improving economy and retaining reliability.

The technological expertise of British tuning designer TDI-Tuning attracts even owners of high-end performance vehicles such as the AMG-branded Mercedes cars. Around 10% of TDI-Tuning customers drive performance Mercedes cars, and 15% of them are repeat business.

“We know that few high-performance models can compete with the AMG arm of Mercedes Benz, so it is very fulfilling to see that our tuning boxes are capable of adding an edge even at such a rarefied level,” says owner Graeme King. “Repeat business is evidence that our tuning boxes hit the spot.”

Modern Mercedes cars, even of the BlueTEC (CDI) variety, can take advantage of the reprogramming flexibility of TDI-Tuning’s über-modern Multi-Channel tuning box.

“A 2014 E350 BlueTEC (CDI) AMG Line fitted with our tuning box has its power increased from 248bhp to 312bhp, whilst torque is up from 620Nm to 719Nm: a massive improvement in the driving experience,” points out Graeme.

Increases in power and torque, as well as fuel economy, are clear across the range: a Mercedes C220 BlueTEC (CDI) Sport fitted with the same Twin Channel box has its power increased from 168bhp to 222bhp, and torque from 400Nm to 488Nm.

Further up the pecking order, even the mighty Mercedes C63 AMG can be fettled to give more: “One of the C63s we worked on reached 181mph at Bruntingthorpe airfield. Not something our customers should try on normal roads, but a significant result on both track and autobahn,” adds Graeme.

Reprogramming is also an advantage Mercedes drivers enjoy: returning customers pay a third of the original purchase price, which is a wise choice over remapping, when one’s vehicle is changed regularly.

Some key points:

  • TDI-Tuning designs and develops its own tuning boxes, which are then manufactured in Germany
  • The boxes are easy to plug in and/or remove, require no special skills or specialist input, and can be fitted by the end user in less than 30 minutes         
  • The vehicle will revert to standard when the box is removed – leaving no trace
  • The tuning equipment can be sent back to TDI-Tuning to be re-programmed for over 4,000 different models
  • TDI-Tuning boxes start at just under £300