Tarox Releases Bespoke Big Brake Kit For Mini F56

May 11, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 11, 2016

Tarox Releases Bespoke Big Brake Kit For Mini F56
Italian braking specialist Tarox has created a superb braking solution for all models of the BMW Mini F56 model – including the hot hatch model, the John Cooper Works. The kits has been developed on the firm’s very own JCW test vehicle – and has been proved to be more than up to the task of both fast road and track work.

It’s rare for a car to come with quite so much motorsport history as the Mini, and the JCW variant sits very much at the top of this sizeable tree! Designed to augment and sharpen the F56 generation’s already tidy stopping abilities, Tarox’s latest Big Brake solution promises JCW owners phenomenal stopping power for a very reasonable sum, along with an extended working life and some exquisitely engineered hardware to boot. Indeed, the sheer quality of the B34 GT 10 piston front calipers and 350x30mm discs needs to be seen to be believed, and all are sure to draw admiring (some might even say envious) glances as you drive past!

Great looks are merely a by-product of engineering excellence though, and it’s the performance hike offered by the Tarox Big Brake kit that’s most exceptional. The aforementioned ten pot calipers house high friction Corsa pads, while the 350mm discs (15mm larger in diameter than stock) sport alloy bells and have been designed to provide thousands of miles of dependable, reliable stopping service. The equally capable rear kit comes in at 320x10mm, 61mm larger than the stock rears and with a similarly dramatic visual impact.

In practice this equates to 1802kg of braking force per side (front), a significant improvement over the 1424kg mustered by the factory setup. This hike in performance hasn’t come at the expense of everyday usability however, and F56 Minis fitted with the Tarox Big Brake kit will be every bit as compliant and easy to use on the public highway, making the kit ideal for those who intend on driving their cars in a spirited fashion for most of the time, with an occasional track day thrown in for good measure.

This performance extends further than an a mere improvement in overall stopping force, as the Tarox kit also represents a significant reduction in weight over the OEM equivalent. This reduction in unsprung weight is very much a Tarox speciality, and the vast majority of their Big Brake offerings can be counted upon to provide a considerable weight saving when compared to stock systems. The actual savings make for impressive reading, with Tarox’s kit boasting discs and bells a full 4.8kg lighter (despite being larger overall), and GT-10 calipers that represent a saving of 1.1kg – and an extra 6 pistons!

Tarox’s dedicated team of brake engineers have worked hard to ensure that their company’s new kit is also adaptable, and in practice this means that it can be fitted for all cars within the F56 Mini lineup, from the humblest 1.1 to the most powerful, fire-spitting John Cooper Works, and that it will still fit under the standard cars’ 18in alloys. This added level of functionality means that all F56 owners can benefit from Tarox’s expertise.

“The engineering of an aftermarket brake conversion for the latest Mini JCW was really challenging as the car is fitted with an excellent OE brake system as standard. After a few weeks of development we managed to increase the braking force of the caliper, to reduce the unsprung weight, while fitting the larger discs on the standard OE 18in wheels and keeping that ‘Tarox feel’ on the brake pedal that people love. I must say I hated when I had to hand it back to Tarox UK,” explains MD of Tarox Italy Valeria Taroni.

The full list of components included in the Tarox Big Brake kit extends to front and rear calipers and discs, Corsa front brake pads and hoses, front and rear brackets, and a complete set of fasteners and fixings.

Price: Front – £1950.00 +VAT
Rear – £619+VAT

Front kit
2 x B34 GT 10 piston caliper
2 x 350x30mm discs with alloy bells
1 x set of corsa brake calipers
2 x brackets
2 x hoses
nuts and bolts

Rear kit
2 x 320x10mm discs with alloy bells
2 x brackets
nuts & bolts
(Retains OE calipers, hoses and pads)