Tarmac Sportz ‘Team Tarmac’ Drifters entertain at the Nissan Experience

August 2, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 2, 2015

Tarmac Sportz ‘Team Tarmac’ Drifters entertain at the Nissan Experience (12)
Tarmac Sportz may be best known as a purveyor of all manner of choice tuning accessories for Japanese cars, but during the recent Nissan Experience day at Donington Park, it was its very own sponsored ‘Team Tarmac’ drift collective that was the true attention grabber for thousands of guests.

The event was organised by Nissan UK as a great way to showcase what the brand is all about. Nissan invites all of its employees to the day to experience passenger rides in tuned and race-prepped cars as well as showing off the latest showroom halo products from its Nissan and Infiniti ranges, in addition to impressive motorsport tie-ups like the latest Red Bull F1 car.

Despite such impressive bedfellows, all eyes were on the drift circuit however, where the three Team tarmac drivers were putting on a superb display of precision drifting in their custom-built Nissan 350Zs. Ian “Bizz” Philips was hard to miss in his LS-powered V8 car. Sounding every bit as good as it looked, this car was decimating tyres at a rate of knots throughout the day. Not to be outdone, Matt Dedman is his gunmetal 350Z and Steve Dyer in his silver car were looking equally impressive out on the course – both of them always on the lockstops, exhibiting sublime throttle control. TV’s Ant Anstead – from Channel 4’s ‘For The Love of Cars’ – also popped by to have a look at what was going on in the Tarmac pits, and didn’t need any persuasion to go for a spin with Dedman for a few perfectly controlled laps.

It wasn’t all about going sideways, though. Out on the handling circuit, Matt Grundy was doing his best to thrill and/or scare the visiting VIPs with expertly driven passenger laps in his Bronze 350.  Putting in rapid lap times that were shaming many quicker cars, Matt had plenty of guests wanting to ride shotgun with him during the day.

Commenting on his team’s crowd pleasing performance Tarmac Sportz managing director, Chris Geraghty, said “It’s been a huge amount of fun to bring the team down today and do a few demo runs, and we would all like to thank Nissan and Simon Fox for the invite. Team Tarmac is a great way of us showing off some of our products, as well as testing them to the absolute limit. At the hands of drivers like this, you can really see that our Nissan 350Z product range truly does make a difference to these incredibly tuneable cars.”

For more information on Tarmac Sportz products for Nissan and many other marques, please click to www.tarmacsportz.co.uk