Tarmac Sportz Show ‘N’ Go Retractable Show Plates

February 1, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 4, 2015

The latest product from mail-order tuning specialist Tarmac Sportz is perfect for any show car owners or builders looking to keep their front of their motor clean and unfettered out on the showground, but fully legal out on the road.

Show ‘n’ Go retractable plates are a trick straight out of ‘Q’s’ M15 Special Branch car kit, by virtue of their clever design. The plate mounting simply slides back under the front bumper when you arrive at the show, either manually for those wanting to look smart on a budget, or by electronic remote control for those wanting maximum show and scene points.

On the electronic version, a push-button remote transports the license plate between stowed and displayed positions in seconds, keeping the lines of the car exactly as the designer intended. When the plate is up, aesthetics are still improved, thanks to the ‘scene friendly’ rectangular shape.

Stainless Steel components and fasteners are used throughout for a long service life and the patented robust design will give trouble free operation for years to come.

These front plates can be fitted at home by any component enthusiast, and naturally all fitting hardware, wiring and weather covers are included in the kit. No wiring through, or cutting of, the dashboard is required, with the receiver unit being mounted under the bonnet.

This kit will fit any car that has a flat area under the front bumper, although a little head scratching may be required on certain models, or on cars with aftermarket body kits.

Of course, the Tarmac Sportz team would like to point out that it is an offence not to display your vehicle registration plate at all times when on public roads, and these parts should not be fitted for the purposes of avoiding speed camera detection. That would be naughty…


Manual Version £53.00

Electronic Version £135.00