Tamiya 110 MX-5 ND Radio Controlled Model

May 25, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 25, 2016

Tamiya 110 MX-5 ND Radio Controlled Model
Always swift to capitalise on new car launches, Tamiya has already designed and produced an accurate radio controlled version of the MX-5 ND, and the 1/10 scale model is now available through MX5parts.

It’s barely launched, and already the latest generation of MX-5 has proved massively successful, legions of the Roadster faithful having embraced it and handed over the funds needed to get one of their own. Of course the latest generation doesn’t come cheap, and with second hand pickings still falling firmly into the ‘slim to nonexistent’ category, this 1/10 homage from the scale model experts at Tamiya might well be the closest many of us get to ND ownership for some time!

Luckily for all concerned, the model is every bit as good as you’d expect of a Tamiya product, coming complete with everything needed to assemble the radio controlled model, with all the clever design touches that have helped the Japanese concern cement itself at the top of the scale model pecking order. The ND’s swooping bodywork is perfectly recreated in high quality, lightweight polycarbonate, with side mirrors provided as separately molded parts and a comprehensive graphics packages to denote window frames and to aid pre-paint masking. The kit includes a can of specially formulated polycarbonate spray paint to help you give your roadster the overall finish you desire, while the body itself sports all the ND’s exterior creases, swage lines and other styling flourishes.

The self-assembly nature of the kit means that it’s an involved project and one that will no doubt give many hours of pleasure and will almost certainly expand your knowledge of automotive suspension and chassis layout, but it means that it’s not a model that can be driven right out of the box.

The upside to the kit’s self-assembly format is that you get the opportunity to truly appreciate the staggering amount of effort Tamiya spent designing and locating the ND’s running gear, all of it housed within the firm’s highly regarded front-wheel drive M-05 chassis, one known for its finely polished handling traits. Boasting a lightweight, semi-monocoque resin frame with carefully laid out mounting points for the gearbox, motor, battery pack, receiver, servo and Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), the chassis also benefits from a suitably sophisticated 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension setup and 3-piece steering linkage. This level of detail means that controlling the completed model is entertaining and challenging, though not so much that it ever becomes intimidating for RC novices.

Controlling hardware is both effective and robust, designed to allow you to drive your completed model in an accurate, entertaining fashion, something no doubt helped by the inclusion of sticky, radial tyres and the adjustable chassis. The latter is especially significant as it allows for the car’s overall length to be toggled to suit the controller’s preference, with 210mm, 225mm and 239mm settings available.

Tamiya products are known for being inclusive, and the 1/10 scale ND kit ships with almost everything required to get building, including a beefy type 540 motor, 2-channel remote controller, all required batteries, chargers and fitting instructions. The model’s EU intended market means that it will however require the separate purchase of a Euro 2 pin to UK 3 pin plug adaptor for the battery charger.

Price: £163.29 ex VAT, £195.95 inc VAT