SuperPro Range of Adjustable Anti-Roll Bars Expands To Include Mazda MX-5 NA and NB

August 11, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 11, 2016

SuperPro Range of Adjustable Anti-Roll Bars Expands To Include Mazda MX-5 NA and NB
Already one of the best handling road cars money can buy, the cornering ability of first and second generation (NA/ NB) Mazda MX-5s can now be sharpened yet further, thanks to SuperPro’s recently expanded range of roll-control products, namely the firm’s adjustable front & rear anti-roll bars. Now available for the MX-5, the heavy duty bars are 24mm in diameter for the front, up from the original Mazda 19 or 20mm and 16mm in diameter at the rear, up from the original 11 or 12mm. The front bars feature two pre-set adjustment points with three on the rear.

Anti-roll bars are a key components in any modern vehicle’s chassis. They serve to link the sides of the car together, resulting in a reduction in flex and lateral movement when cornering at speed and maintaining maximum tyre contact with the road. While the bars fitted as standard by manufacturers are perfectly adequate for most individuals, those pushing their cars further can often find themselves requiring greater scope for fine-tuning, and SuperPro’s adjustable rear anti-roll bars have been developed for this very situation.

SuperPro’s comprehensive understanding of automotive chassis technology and the science behind sharp, consistent handling means that it’s ideally suited to design, produce and market significant aftermarket hardware, and the anti-roll bars are no exception. Carefully designed to perfectly mount to the OEM drop-links, SuperPro’s MX-5 bars feature a pre-set adjustment points allowing the driver to achieve the ideal balance for how they use the car. All will increase the amount of time that the tyre remains in contact with the road surface, ensuring that cornering load is distributed evenly across all four tyres, and thus promoting even weare and, once again, more predictable, sure-footed handling.

SuperPro has gone to great lengths to ensure that physically switching between the pre-set adjustment points is a simple and swift procedure. Toggling between the settings can be done with basic tools and while the bar is bolted to the vehicle itself, meaning that owners can finely tune their car’s chassis setup to better suit the conditions of the road and/or track, and the adjustment process can be completed within minutes.

All SuperPro adjustable anti-roll bar packages contain a pair of the firm’s specially formulated polyurethane suspension bushes. These have been painstakingly developed to be progressive, meaning that the material itself physically tightens and firms up under the conditions associated with hard driving, resulting in greater steering feedback and a more confidence inspiring driving experience.

All SuperPro products are the result of an exhaustive research and development process and can therefore be relied upon to provide years of reliable service. One of the most obvious products of this process is the specially developed treatment process that sees all the firm’s anti-roll bars electro-statically powder coated in SuperPro’s iconic blue. Not only does this mean that they look very special indeed, it protects the high grade steel underneath from rust, detritus thrown up by the wheels and the vagaries of the British weather.

Certain to be a valuable addition to the rear of any NA or NB Mazda MX-5, the SuperPro anti-roll bars have been designed to complement the OEM hardware already in situ and will therefore fit perfectly and precisely. See below for information on pricing.

Price: NA Series Front £155.88 plus VAT – RC0035FZ-24
Price: NB Series Front £173.53 plus VAT – RC0061FZ-24
Price: NA & NB Series Rear £102.94 plus VAT – RC0035RZ-16

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