SuperPro Announces New Chassis Upgrades For VW Golf GTi Mk5

May 4, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2016

SuperPro Announces New Chassis Upgrades For VW Golf GTi Mk5 (2)
SuperPro, the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator in the field of automotive suspension bushing technology, has just announced a new package of uprated suspension components for road-going Mk5 and 6 Golf, as well as Mk3 Seat Leons, Mk2 Skoda Octavias and Mk2 Audi A3s (8P). Called the Handling Package and developed in conjunction with the UK’s Production GTi Championship, it marks the first time these components have been available together as one, ‘off the peg’ set. Consisting of uprated, adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars, a lightweight alloy front control arm with increased caster, redesigned replacement ball joints with camber adjustment and roll centre correction, and a complete set of SuperPro’s highly regarded progressive bushes, the package promises to redefine what’s possible for a road going Golfs.

Few suspension packages can claim to have been tested to quite the same degree as SuperPro’s latest offering, so much so that a subtly modified version will be an optional control component within the Production GTi Championship from 2015 onwards, meaning that it will be available to all Mk5s competing. Not only does this bring with it the promise of further, highly applicable data, it serves to underline the effectiveness of the package and its ability to function in one of the most hostile environments a suspension bush is likely to find itself in.

Though all the components included within the package have been proven to offer demonstrable handling benefits when fitted to cars competing in the Production GTi Championship, all have been shown to be equally at home on the public highway. This ability to strike the perfect balance between track and road performance is undoubtedly the Handling Package’s most impressive trait, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it really does blur the line between these two traditionally very disparate ideals. What’s more, Golfs with it fitted won’t suffer from increased Noise Vibration or Harshness (NVH), something that certainly cannot be said for offerings from some rivals, and will remain compliant and capable of dealing with the vagaries of the UK’s patchy road network.

The source of this multi-faceted ability becomes clear when the constituent parts of the Handling Package are analysed closely. The re-designed bushes allow for one of the car’s few OE failings to be addressed, namely its voided bushes fitted to the rear of the front control arms. These have been replaced with reconfigured, two-part versions far better suited to spirited driving. The bushes have an offset pivot point, an alteration that’s designed to give noticeably improved steering feel and self-centering thanks to the increased caster, with no resulting tradeoff in terms of everyday usability. These same bushes also embody many of the key traits that SuperPro is known for, namely a specially formulated grade of polyurethane which tightens when under load, and resistance to various contaminants, abrasives, light and heat.

Away from the polyurethane bushes, the lightweight front control arm also features a modified ball joint, an alteration which serves to increase the range of camber adjustment available and which makes achieving optimised settings far easier, and an extended pin which allows repositions the angle of the wishbone, helping to reduce the car’s roll centre.

“We’re keen to highlight just how versatile the Handling Package is, particularly as it marks the first time these particular components have been available as one kit” explains Richard Fearn, MD of SuperPro Europe. “It was partly developed using data drawn from a one make race series, true, but that doesn’t mean that fitting it to a road bound Mk5 will render it at all unsuited to daily driving, quite the opposite in fact – one of our daily use cars has been running it for over three years and in excess of 50,000 miles..”

Taken as a complete package, the bushes, alloy front control arm, replacement ball joints and adjustable anti-roll bars offer one of the most complete ‘off the peg’ chassis upgrades available for the fifth generation Golf GTi and many of its VAG siblings, and one which will allow performance-minded owners to refresh and polish the handling capabilities of their respective cars to a level previously simply not possible.

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