Shark Performance Announces Brand New Mapping Options For VW Golf R

July 18, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 18, 2016

Shark Performance Announces Brand New Mapping Options For VW Golf R
There’s a fairly strong argument that the VW Golf R is all the car you need, or indeed will ever need. Wolfsburg’s engineers hit on a rich vein of form with the seventh generation Golf, and the R-badged model is undoubtedly one of the finest cars to emerge from VW for many, many years. Powerful in factory form, the Golf R responds very well to careful ECU tuning, hence why Shark Performance has announced a brand new, specially developed range of mapping solutions for the model.

Shark Performance is now able to offer a Stage 1 ECU remap for the Golf R. The result of several months of painstaking research and development, the Stage 1 map is one of the most advanced in Shark’s already impressive portfolio of software tuning solutions, and it’s one that promises a dramatic upswing in performance for anyone fortunate enough to own one of these cars. Extensive testing on Shark’s own Golf development vehicle has revealed the Stage 1 map to be capable of making as much as 50bhp and 95nm of torque, bringing headline figures of 350bhp and 475nm respectively.

All Shark Performance maps are tailor made for the car in question, with significant time and resources invested in optimising each one. This commitment to bespoke mapping ensures that Shark-mapped cars are every bit as reliable as their stock equivalents. Not only this, Shark maps are designed to be future proof, meaning that they can be updated at a later date in order to take full advantage of tuning hardware that may have been subsequently fitted.

While the aforementioned performance hikes are no doubt impressive, it’s the dramatic improvement in the overall driving experience that’s perhaps the most striking aspect of Shark’s Stage 1 map. Golfs with the map installed will feel noticeably more ‘alive,’ with strong power available in each and every gear. This means that Shark Performance remaps aren’t just suitable for those chasing mega bhp figures, they’re every bit as applicable to those keen to simply polish and hone the driving experience offered by the car in OE guise.

The Shark Performance dyno is one of the most sophisticated currently in use by a UK tuner, and it’s the perfect bit of kit in which to entrust your car’s safety. Shark’s team of engineers are utterly at home carrying out minute ECU tweaks to all VAG machinery, and there’s little that they don’t know about making Wolfsburg metal fly! Put simply, these are the people to turn to should you wish to extract more power from your Golf, Leon, Octavia or almost anything VW-related.

Final proof of both the potency and reliability of Shark Performance mapping, if indeed it were needed, can be found in the VW Production Cup, one of the UK’s most high profile club motorsport championships. The top class features Mk5 Golf GTis, the vast majority of which run Shark Performance maps. Not only does this highlight the skill of everyone at the firm, it gives Shark’s team of engineers valuable date to use in the development of future products.

The Shark Performance Stage 1 map for the VW Golf R is available now. See PDF GOLF7_R_STAGE1_350_475 and Follow the link below for more information or to make a booking.

Price: £649.00 inc VAT