Secrets You Should Know Before Getting New Tyres

June 20, 2019 By Mike
Last updated on June 20, 2019

Being able to travel on the road without any trouble is very important. Over the years, traffic in UK has become really outrageous. For example, Scottish drivers have to face some of the most testing driving conditions of anywhere in the country, Scottish roads are notoriously exposed in many rural locations which means they are susceptible to driving rain, snow and ice. Even in Scotland’s larger towns and cities, the roads are often in poor condition with fissures and potholes almost every few yards. This places your tyres under strain. What do you need to know before you replace your set?

Do Your Homework
You need to check the available deals for premium tyres before purchasing new ones to be fitted in place of your current set. If you just opt for the cheapest tyres, then they will be fine but not likely to last as long on Scottish roads. Instead, check out premium brands which might be on offer for a stock clearance or have a reduced price tag because a new line is due to be launched. Helpfully, it is possible to choose such tyres in Edinburgh from Point S local dealers/depots. Other tyre dealerships will often point you to a more expensive option.

Winter Tyres Are Good
Drivers who regularly face icy conditions will find that the superior rubber compounds in winter tyres afford greater levels of grip than a conventional set. Numerous drivers in the Highlands make good use of them. However, motorists elsewhere in the country often avoid them thinking they will need to be changed as soon as spring arrives. Bear in mind, however, that winter tyres are perfectly good to drive on in summer.

Nitrogen Inflation
Ask your tyre dealer about inflating your tyres with compressed nitrogen rather than air. Nitrogen affords motorists certain benefits which will mean their tyres face less corrosion over their lifetime. It also means pressure loss rates are diminished so you need to pump them less frequently. Not all tyre fitters offer this service which can make your tyres last longer.