René Arnoux Visits Ferrari In Maranello

December 19, 2014 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 4, 2015

René Arnoux Visits Ferrari In Maranello

The former driver relives the past and talks about the new Formula 1

René Arnoux will forever be remembered for his famous duel with Gilles Villeneuve in the 1979 French Grand Prix. A stunning battle during which he and the Ferrari driver blistered the track at Dijon and entered the Formula 1 history books in the process. René, who also raced with the Scuderia between 1983 and the first race of the 1985 season, giving us three wins, visited Maranello in recent days with a group
of French and Swiss enthusiasts.

The visit also gave us the opportunity to ask the Val d’Isère driver a few questions and he told about
his memories of his time with the Scuderia, most of which had to do his relationship with Enzo Ferrari. He then
talked about the factory tour which took in the Formula 1 Clienti division, the Classiche division and the V12 and
V8 production lines where he met the production team named in his honour.

Last but not least, aside from talking about the changes in Formula 1, the French champion also confided his
favourite Ferrari GTs. One you see in this photo: the LaFerrari. But in the video interview, he also reveals which
model he’d choose for the Cote d’Azur.