Remus Cat-back Exhaust System For Subaru BRZ & Toyota GT86

June 17, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on June 17, 2016

Remus Cat-back Exhaust System For Subaru BRZ & Toyota GT86
Joining the firm’s already impressive range of performance exhaust systems, Remus’ latest offering is for the Subaru BRZ and GT86 a model that’s cemented its reputation as an affordable driver’s coupe. The all new Remus system promises an increase in peak performance, alongside a charismatic exhaust note which really accentuates the famous flat four soundtrack on both cars

Augmenting their already impressive array of exhaust systems many popular Japanese cars, Remus’s exhaust promises to be one of their most popular products to date, managing to balance performance with a suitably aggressive note. The core of the system consists of a ‘Racing Pipe’ front section, which does away with all resonators and silencers, leading to sports exhaust with matching diameter, routed down the centre of the car. The system is crowned by dynamic 127mm twin tail pipes. All component parts have been extensively noise and performance tested, and all conform to EEC regulations governing both emission and decibel limits.

As is the case with all Remus systems, the quality of the workmanship involved is second to none, well above that of offerings from other manufactures and even rivaling OEM levels of fit and finish. Extensive testing of the system on Remus’s own development cars has revealed a noticeable increase in performance across the rev range, plus the aforementioned exhaust note that manages to be aggressive without ever becoming overpowering or obtrusive.

Also available for this car is the Remus Responder, another innovation that’s been designed to improve the driving experience and complement the firm’s exhaust systems. As the name implies, the Remus Responder improves throttle response by adjusting the accelerator pedal output signal, resulting in noticeably reduced response and reduced lag when applied to cars with an automatic transmissions. Easily and swiftly installed between the OEM pedal sensor and the OEM connector, the Remus Responder can be unpacked, fitted and up and running in minutes, and all thanks to the plug and play technology at its very heart. The Responder operates using sophisticated adjustable programming profiles, technology that can lead to improved fuel consumption and more efficient engine running, while the four user-selectable and customisable performance settings give drivers greater freedom to tune the system to their specific needs.

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Front Section £114.00 exc VAT. £136.80 inc VAT

Rear Box £493.00 exc VAT £591.60 inc VAT