Race2Recovery Team

August 9, 2013 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 1, 2015

Race2Recovery Team posted on 08 August 2011

Race2Recovery Team

A thrilling weekend of cross country racing in a Qt Wildcat saw the start of the incredible Race2Recovery adventure on BBC’s Top Gear.

Race2Recovery launched in style with a Top Gear appearance on Sunday 31st July 2011 for driver Captain Tony Harris (30) and co-driver Corporal Tom Neathway (27). Both servicemen lost limbs as the result of explosions in Afghanistan and have been fighting back to fitness with the help of the Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre in Surrey and incredible service charities such as Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion.

Alongside other injured service personnel, servicemen and experts from the British motorsport community, the team have partnered with Qt Services to train, race and compete in the fearsome Dakar Rally Raid: widely acknowledged as the hardest endurance motorsport event on earth. Despite a mix of injuries and disabilities, the team has pledged to raise £2M for Help for Heroes, The Royal British Legion and Combat Stress to support their comrades who haven’t been as lucky.

Triple amputee Tom Neathway said: “I feel that the charities have done so much for me that it is about time I gave something back,” adding: “Motorsport is the only sport I have found which gives me a level playing field.”

To prepare for the arduous 9,000km event in January 2013, the team has put in place an ambitious training schedule with an opportunity for sponsors to help develop it. The ongoing campaign in the British Cross-Country Championship is the start of the journey and in 2012, once a second Qt Wildcat has been purchased, the team will be competing in the Tuareg Rallye Raid in North Africa and the Dakar Series Silkway Rally (Moscow to the Black Sea). The final journey is to South America for Dakar 2013, the race beginning on New Year’s Day.

Tony Harris said: “When your life is suddenly changed it can be easy to only see the problems but with this opportunity we hope to challenge ourselves and others through our actions”.

To support the team, find out more or donate straight to the beneficiary charities find them at www.race2recovery.co.uk.

About Race2Recovery

Race2Recovery was started when a fledging racing team of wounded soldiers was inspired to take up cross country racing and decided to raise money for three incredible service charities that have helped them during their recovery.

Inspired by the work done at Row2Recovery the team asked to be part of the hugely successful effort to inspire other service personnel and the wider disabled or disadvantaged community through achieving incredible feats.