Quick Look At Le Mans Coupes Ltd

February 8, 2017 By Mike Lee
Last updated on February 8, 2017

Sebring Tribute Cobra In Miles Livery
Sebring Cobras
Life is never dull at Le Mans Coupes Ltd, the sole UK importer of fully-sanctioned evocations of such great competition cars of the ‘60s as Cobra Roadsters, Cobra Daytona Coupes and GT40s. The company’s latest mouth-watering offerings are highly-accurate, limited-edition Cobra Roadsters honouring the famous 1963/1964 Sebring exploits of Dan Gurney, Ken Miles, Allen Grant and Dave MacDonald. The cars brim with original detail, while the recommended powerplant is a period-correct 289ci cast iron Ford V8 unit topped by a contemporary eight-stack ITB fuel injection system – the unit pumps out no less than 435bhp, making the performance beyond breathtaking! Prices on application.

Le Mans Coupes Ltd continues to serve the steady demand for Superformance GT40s. So accurate that 70 percent of the components are interchangeable with the originals, the supercars come complete with P/2000 Series chassis numbers recognised by the Shelby American World Registry. They are painstakingly hand-built by Hi-tech Automotive in 270,000 sq ft of ultra-modern premises in South Africa, and offered as per the original Ford MKI and MKII cars, and in righthand or lefthand drive form. The many options include powerplants from 5.6 to 7.0 litres (430 to 560bhp), central or sill-mounted gearchange, and ZF RBT or Quaife transaxle. Depending on the choice of engine, Superformance GT40s can rocket from rest to 60mph in a mere 3.7 seconds and top 205mph flat out. Prices start from £102,500 plus VAT, and an example of the MKI version can be viewed on the Quaife stand at the upcoming London Classic Car Show, ExCeL, February 23-26.

Cobra Daytona Coupes
The company also offers the stunning Cobra Daytona Coupe CSX 9000 Series that was developed directly from the 1960s originals by the same legendary designers – Peter Brock and Bob Negstad. The latest cars combine the mouth-watering shape of those that carried Ford to victory in the 1965 FIA Sports Car Championship with the latest in engineering technology. As a result they were sanctioned by the late, great Carroll Shelby and subsequently adopted as an official Shelby product. The current MKII version rides on original-style 15 inch wheels and comes with a choice of Ford motorsport and GM LS3 engines. Prices from £102,500 plus VAT.

Said Nigel Hulme, Le Mans Coupes’ Managing Director: “The current value of original Cobras and GT40s has put them way beyond the pockets of most enthusiasts, yet interest in them is growing rather fading. The products we offer allow people to live the dream at a (relatively) affordable price.” See www.superformanceuk.com for further details.