Prior Design BMW 6 Series PD6XX Widebody Aerodynamic Kit

March 23, 2014 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 7, 2015

Introducing the complete aerodynamic PD6XX Widebody package by Prior Design for the BMW 6-Series F12/F13/M6. Made from DURA-FLEX, a high quality material, with excellent surface structure that provides sufficient flexibility and stability. These aerodynamic parts are easy to paint as well and offer additional aggressive styling.

The PD6XX Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit fits all BMW 6-Series F12/F13 including the mighty M6 and consist of:

– Prior-Design PD6XX Front Bumper
– Prior-Design PD6XX Side Skirts
– Prior-Design PD6XX Rear Bumper
– Prior-Design PD6XX Rear Add-on Spoiler/Diffusor
– Prior-Design PD6XX Front Wide Fenders
– Prior-Design PD6XX Rear Widenings
– Prior-Design PD6XX Bonnet/Engine Cover
– Prior-Design PD6XX Rear Trunk Spoiler
– Mounting material