PRIOR Design aero kit for Audi Coupe

September 28, 2020 By Mike
Last updated on September 28, 2020

Limited-edition wide body aero kit for the Audi Coupe

Wide-body vision of an “Audi RS2 Coupé”: the fruit of a successful collaboration between PRIOR Design, JP Performance and Dr. Crazy.

The quattro, introduced back in 1980, is a true legend of the automotive industry. And so, too, is its offshoot that inspired the unforgettable rally race car – the Sport quattro. It is celebrating its 40th birthday in 2020 and, to mark the occasion and as a thank you to Audi, PRIOR Design – in cooperation with Jean Pierre Kraemer at JP Performance and Dr. Rouven Mohr “Dr. Crazy” – has designed a truly unique and impressive wide body aero kit for the 90s descendant of the quattro based on the Audi 80 B3.

While the most powerful variant of the Coupé was the S2, the equally legendary Audi RS2 was only available as an Avant. But what would it have looked like if Audi had built a Coupé variant back then? PRIOR Design has answered this very question in spectacular style. The result of four months of design and development work is a truly inspiring and utterly unparalleled masterpiece. Its look is inspired by current RS models and has been embellished with various elements that are reminiscent of the original quattro.

This desire to return to the roots is exemplified by the wide bodywork extensions at the front and back, which make the car look extremely sturdy and powerful. The team also fitted new rocker panels with blade attachments. The engine hood also evokes the Sport quattro with its three air intakes over the radiator grill. And thanks to a new bumper with spoiler and a more prominent spoiler lip as well as side cup wings, the front now looks much more virile and aggressive. It has the appearance of a thoroughbred high-performance sports car or even race car. The ingenious design is completed in equally beefy style by a new rear skirt complete with a striking diffuser insert that has four pronounced fins, providing an outlet for a thick exhaust tailpipe on each side.

In keeping with the number of years that have passed since the introduction of quattro, PRIOR is offering a strictly limited number of 40 wide body aero kits for the Audi Coupé. The manufacturing is naturally of the highest standard and comes with the “Made in Germany” seal of quality from their headquarters in Kamp-Lintfort. Every single body kit will also be personally signed by PRIOR Head Designer Andreas Belzek as well as Jean Pierre Kraemer and Dr. Rouven Mohr. The start of sales for pre-ordered kits will be published on in September.

Engaging infotainment about PRIOR Design and their innovative styling products can also be found on their YouTube channel “priordesign”. All other facts, as well as price and delivery information, can be obtained directly from:

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