Pipercross Launches New Filtration Options For Nissan 350Z

April 6, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on April 6, 2016

Pipercross Launches New Filtration Options For Nissan 350Z
A big, hairy-chested sports car that harks back to formative Japanese sporting classics like the Datsun 240 and 260Z, the Nissan 350Z continues to be a massively popular option for those seeking affordable performance motoring. Now over a decade old, there’s no doubting that all 350Zs will benefit from Pipercross’ latest air filter kit, one that contains a pair of filters (one for each bank of cylinders sported by the V6 car) and one that has been designed specifically for this very model.

The fact that Pipercross has supplied air filters to some of the leading teams competing within the World Rally Championship and the BTCC means that the firm is ideally placed to lead innovation within this hugely important field, with the most significant factor of any air filter, engine breathing, being a particular strong suit. Key to the success of all Pipercross hardware is the lightly-oiled triple layer foam that forms their core, the exact same setup found within the previously mentioned motorsport applications. Measuring 181mm x 168mm, the vastly improved multi-cellular surface area and carefully selected multi-layered foam within these filters offers a massive 30% more air flow than even the most efficient of OEM offerings. As well as getting more air in to start with, the ingenious multi-layer design also filters down to a far finer rate, protecting the 350Z’s engine against damage. Factor in the firm’s comprehensive lifetime warranty and it makes huge financial sense, especially when you learn that each kit is lovingly hand-crafted in Pipercross’ UK factory.

This same eye for detail and engineering skill can be seen in the physical design of the filters themselves, particularly the way they fit the OEM airbox perfectly, meaning that the aesthetics of the factory engine bay can be retained. This is entirely down to the firm’s commitment to designing each and every filter from scratch, always basing each new product around the dimensions and attributes of the individual model it will eventually fit.

Performance, longevity and enhanced particle filtration might well be the primary attributes of the Pipercross Nissan 350Z panel filters, but a useful by-product of this optimised induction is that, in most cases, fuel efficiency is often marginally improved too, a trait no doubt particularly useful to those 350Z owners with a heavy right foot!

The Pipercross Nissan 350Z panel filter is a truly multi-faceted product, one that offers improved performance and an extended working life, plus a pleasingly subtle induction noise. Those seeking to subtly tune their car would be well advised to consider the Pipercross range at length.

For more details on the Pipercross range, please visit www.thepipercrossshop.co.uk or call the team on 01604 707750.

Price: PP1728 £73.99 including VAT