May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

Veritas LogoBrief History About Veritas

Veritas, a German sports and racing car builder, started producing cars after WW2 and was founded by Ernst Loof, Georg Meier and Lorenz Dietrich. Ernst Loof previously worked for the BMW race department, working on the BMW 328 race cars pre-WW2. After the war Ernst built his own race cars out of parts from the BMW 328 and soon started a partnership with Georg Meier and Lorenz Dietrich building race cars (Veritas RS/Meteor).

In 1949 they built their first road car called the Komet coupé, which was strongly based on their race cars. Several other different models were also designed and built that year, but the production of road cars stretched their finances too far and they could not keep up with the orders. All this also had an effect on their race cars, which were now not built to the standards expected from them, which hurt their reputation and eventually they had to stop building cars in 1950, with the company finally coming to an end in 1952.

In 2001 a company called Vermot AG, decided to bring back the brand and showcased a concept car called the Veritas RS3. However it wasn’t until 2008 that they decided to turn the concept into a limited production car. In 2009 the Veritas RS III Roadster super sports car was shown at London’s Salon Privé, winning the “Best Super Car 2009” award.

Veritas RS III
RS III 2009