Spectre Supersport Ltd

May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

SpectreBrief History About Spectre

Spectre Supersport Ltd was founded in 1994 in the UK by Anders Hildebrand of the USA company Spectre Motors Inc. The company took over a project being developed by Ray Christopher of GT Developments (GTD). The car being developed was the R42 that was inspired by the GT40. Unfortunately the development costs were too much for GTD.

In 1996 Derek Bell MBE was appointed chairman and the car also got featured in the movie RPM.

Unfortunately the car didn’t live up to its price tag with regards to it bodywork quality and was expensive to build, needing over 2000 man hours to build and the company became bankrupt after building just 23 R42’s during 1996-97. An attempt was made at a comeback, with the introduction of an improved car, the R45, but it was too late, there was not enough money and investment to carry on and just one R45 show car and one fully road going R45 was built.

Spectre R42
R42 1996

Spectre R45
R45 1998