May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

Saleen LogoBrief History About Saleen

Saleen was founded in 1983 in the USA by racing driver Steve Saleen.

Known mostly as an aftermarket tuner of the Mustang and builder of their own Mustangs, the first cars were produced in 1984, with Saleen quickly gaining notoriety, including winning races in a race prepped Saleen Mustang. With such racing success, they then setup Saleen Performance Parts in 1990 for the supply of aftermarket performance parts. From the early 90’s Saleen started building their own Mustang conversions/transformations.

In 2000 Saleen built the S7, which was built from the ground up by Saleen as a completely new car.

In 2002 Saleen was chosen by Ford to assemble and paint the Ford GT.

Strangely in 2007 Steve Saleen resigned from his own company and started a new company called SMS Supercars (Steve Mark Saleen). This new company then followed similar lines as Saleen, but also added the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro to their model range.

Between 2008-2011 much of Saleen was auctioned off and had 2 different owners. In 2012 Steve made a return and reacquired Saleen and merged the SMS company together with Saleen.

Saleen have continued to expand and have grown, partnered and merged with several companies. They are also now involved in electric performance vehicles.

Saleen S7
S7 2000-2004 & S7 Twin Turbo 2005-2006