May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on February 7, 2019

RUF LogoBrief History About Ruf

Ruf Automobile was founded in 1939 in Germany by Alois Ruf Sr. The company started off as a service station garage, gradually working towards car design in the late 40’s, which included building their own bus.

Alois’ son (Alois Ruf Jr) was a keen sports car fan and at the age of 10 started working in his father’s garage as an apprentice helping to service and restore Porsche 356’s in 1960. When Alois Ruf Sr died in 1974 his son took over and Ruf began its history in building their own Porsche cars.

Their cars are built using the Porsche Chassis, but are otherwise completely developed and assembled with RUF parts and as such, the company is recognised as an automotive manufacturer. They do however also carry out conversions and restorations for existing Porsche owners.

Ruf has held the title for building the world’s fastest production car a number of times.

RUF CTR Yellow Bird
CTR Yellow Bird 1987

RUF R Turbo
R Turbo 2001

RGT RS 2004

RUF Rt 12
Rt 12 2005

CTR3 2007

RUF Rt 12 S
Rt 12 S 2009

RUF Rt 12 R
Rt 12 R 2011

RUF Roadster
Roadster 2011

RUF Roadster
Turbo Florio 2015

SCR 2018