Noble Automotive

May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

Noble LogoBrief History About Noble

Noble Automotive was founded in 1999 in England By Lee Noble. Lee wanted to build affordable performance cars and after having worked on the design of the MK1, 2 and 3 Ultima and the Ascari FGT, setup Noble Automotive.

The first car to be built was the 1999 M10, but it was quickly replaced by the 2001 M12. The cars were priced at mostly under £50,000, not bad for a hand-built bespoke performance car.

However and in 2006, despite good reviews for Noble cars, making affordable performance cars created money issues and when a large share holder decided to sell, car collector and M12 owner Peter Dyson bought into the company and effectively took over.

In order to get Noble making money it was decided that the company needed to go up market and build more expensive cars, but this went against Lee Nobles initial idea behind the company and in 2008 Lee left and setup another car company called Fenix Automotive in 2009.

With designer/managing director Peter Boutwood, Dyson released the M600 in 2009/2010. This is a completely different car to the previous Nobles, as can be seen from the £200,000+ price tag.

Noble M12
M12 2001-2010

Noble M400
M400 2004-2007

Noble M15
M15 2006-2011

Noble M600
M600 2010