Ginetta Cars

May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on February 27, 2019

Ginetta LogoBrief History About Ginetta

Ginetta Cars was founded in 1958 in England by the Walklett brothers (Bob, Ivor, Trevers and Douglas). The name Ginetta was named after Bob’s girlfriend.

Their first car was not a production car, but based on a pre war Wolseley Hornet race car and later named G1. Their initial plans were to build race cars, but then built the G2, a Lotus 7 style kit car, followed by the G3, an MGB style sports car.

In 1961 they unveiled the simple G4, which was aimed at the club racer and it was a very successful race car, beating many established makes and put Ginetta in the lime light. Walklett brothers then built many more race cars and road going sports cars, including the mid mounted G12 race car, the G15, also mid mounted road/track car, single seater race cars, G21 4-seater and kit cars in the 80’s when it became a very popular past time for the car enthusiast.

In 1989 three of the four Walklett brothers retired from the business, selling it to Ginetta management (Martin Phaff and Mike Modiri). With this new start, Ginetta produced the G33, (although they still wanted to promote the G32). The G33 got a Rover V8 and it was showcased on Top gear and driven by Tiff Needell. The G33 got a great response.

Ginetta seemed to stagnate a little in the new millennium and in 2005 Lawrence Tomlinson (LNT Automotive) bought Ginetta, who has continued to promote the Ginetta brand as both race cars and road cars. LNT Automotive also created the Ginetta Racing Championships for young drivers to experience and progress through motorsport.

Ginetta G4
G4 1961 on

Ginetta G15
G15 1967-1974

Ginetta G32
G32 1989-1992

Ginetta G33
G33 1990-1996

Ginetta G34
G34 1995-1997

Ginetta G50
G50 (G50R) 2008

Ginetta G40R
G40R 2011

Ginetta G60
G60 2011