May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

Datsun LogoBrief History About Datsun

Datsun was founded in 1931 in Japan by Yoshisuke Ayukawa. However its origins go back to 1914 when cars called the DAT were built by Kaishinsha Motorcar Works when in 1930 the Japanese government then allowed cars with up to 500cc engines to be driven without a licence. So the company then built 495cc engined cars and renamed them Datson (son of DAT) and later changed in 1933 to Datsun.

The 500cc law changed to 750cc engines in 1933 and Datsun followed. In 1934 Nissan Motor Co Ltd is formed incorporating Datsun. However when Japan and China went to war in 1937, car production stopped and they then produced Trucks, until 1947.

After the war Nissan/Datsun built production cars once again and even start to take part in motorsport events.

In the late 50’s Nissans were sold in the USA as Datsuns at first, but then gradually changed to the Nissan brand in the 70’s -80’s (although some may have been changed to Nissan in the 60’s). The Datsun named eventually gets replaced by the Nissan name by the late 70’s early 80’s.

In 2013 the Datsun name is relaunched for the Asian market to build low cost vehicles.

Datsun 240z
240z 1969-1973

Datsun 260z
260z 1973-1978

Datsun 280z
280z (Nissan) 280zx 1978-1983

Datsun 280zx
(Nissan) 280zx 1978-1983