May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

Cizeta LogoBrief History About Cizeta

Cizeta was founded in Italy in the late 80’s by Claudio Zampolli (an engineer and Ferrari dealer) and Giorgio Moroder (music composer and record producer).

The car was based on Marcello Gandini’s design concept for the Lamborghini Diablo and a Cizeta prototype of the car was built in 1988 named the Cizeta Moroder. However in 1990 Giorgio Moroder left the company and all subsequent production cars were called Cizeta V16T, of which there were 17 built until 1995 when the company folded. There has however also been 3 others built in 1999 and 2003.

Cizeta Moroder V16T
Moroder/V16T 1990-1995