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May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 14, 2021

Caterham LogoBrief History About Caterham

Caterham Cars was founded in England in 1959 by Graham Nearn, however the Lotus 7 was built by Colin Chapman in 1957 and shown at the 1957 London Motor Show.

It was a successful seller, but despite this, in 1973 Lotus announced that it was time to discontinue the model. So that year in 1973, Caterham Cars, who was a dealer for the 7 from 1959 then purchased the rights to build the lightweight, low-cost car from Lotus and renamed it the Caterham 7.

As a dealer Caterham was the one of the first dealers to sell the Lotus 7 and was the company that supplied KAR 120C for the Prisoner TV series in 1965. Caterham, also helped build the UK kit car industry.

There has been many incarnations of the car over the years, all pretty much staying faithful to Colin Chapman’s original design and ethos, but with many new features to keep up to date and speed with the modern automotive industry.

In 2011 Team Lotus purchased Caterham Cars, bringing back the 7 to its original Lotus home.

In 2021 Caterham Cars came under new ownership and was acquired by VT Holdings, a Japanese automotive retail group.

Caterham 7
Caterham 7 (various) 1957-Present

Caterham Fireblade
Fireblade 2001

Caterham Blackbird
Blackbird 2001-2002

Caterham Hayabusa

Caterham Roadsport
Roadsport 2001 on

Caterham R300
R300 2002

Caterham R400
R400 2002-2008

Caterham R500
R500 2000-2014

Caterham R600
R600 2013

Caterham 160
160 2014

Caterham 270
270 2015 on and 310 2017 on

Caterham 360
360 2015 on

Caterham 420
420 2015 on

Caterham 620R
620R 2013 on

Caterham CSR
CSR 2004 on

Caterham Levante
Levante 2008

Caterham 21
21 1995-2000