Bristol Cars

May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

Bristol LogoBrief History About Bristol Cars

Bristol Cars Limited was founded in Bristol, UK in 1945, who previously were aeroplane builders and also built the Bristol Monocar.

Although the company was founded in 1945, Sir George Stanley Midelton White – the managing director of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, had setup working relations/connections with several other car makers before WW2.

Production of cars started in 1945 and like so many other automotive manufacturers, it went through various company structure changes, including being eventually bought by Sir White in the 1960’s, followed by various other owners, until it was hit by administration in 2011.

With production of cars finally ceasing in 2011, the company was then bought by Kamkorp, owner of the Frazer-Nash Group of Companies, who now repairs and restores the cars, but who also have plans to build a range-extended electric vehicle.

Bristol Blenheim
Blenheim 1993 on

Bristol Fighter
Fighter 2003 on