May 4, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2015

Plymouth LogoBrief History About Plymouth

Plymouth was founded in 1928 in the USA by Chrysler.

It was set up to compete against Ford and Chevrolet to provide more affordable cars against Chryslers higher end cars. This actually worked out quite well for Chrysler, as the world was hit by the great depression of the 1930’s and the lower end Plymouth cars helped keep Chrysler in business.

Plymouth cars were so popular that it soon competed for sales with Ford and Chevrolet and together during the 40’s and 50’s, the 3 auto makers became known as the big three.

There were a few hiccups during the mid 50’s/early 60’s with a quality control issue and an unsuccessful development of a turbine engine, but when the mid/late 60’s and early 70’s arrived with the muscle car wars, Plymouth got busy and built some of the best performance models available, with a plethora of powerful engines and options for their cars. This period was also a time for the various auto makers to compete against each other in motorsport events and for Plymouth NASCAR was its main proving ground for its muscle cars.

However, Chrysler fell into financial difficulties in the late 70’s, which then had an impact on Plymouth, which led to the Plymouth cars becoming mostly re-badged Dodge cars.

In the 90’s Chrysler made an attempt to give the Plymouth brand back its identity and had plans to increase the model range, but despite those plans and the introduction of the Prowler as one of those come back Plymouth cars, it was eventually decided to end the brand and in 2001 the Plymouth brand name was no more.

Plymouth GTX
GTX 1967-1971

Plymouth Cuda
Cuda 1970-1974

Plymouth Roadrunner
Roadrunner 1967-1970

Plymouth Roadrunner
Roadrunner 1971-1975

Plymouth Duster
Duster 1970-1976

Plymouth Prowler
Prowler 1997-2002