New eBook – Autodrome – The Lost Race Circuits Of Europe

February 23, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 3, 2015

New eBook – Autodrome – The Lost Race Circuits Of Europe

Around Europe lie a number of long forgotten monuments, windswept and abandoned the derelict buildings and crumbling tarmac are all that remains of once great motor racing circuits. From the great speed bowls of Monza and Brooklands, to the parkland of Crystal Palace. All photographed as they are now but remembered in their prime.

Autodrome by SS Collins

ISBN: 9781845848279
Print equivalent ISBN: 9781904788317
£26.99 – prices may vary between vendors


  • A beautiful book
  • A nostalgic look at Europe’s ‘lost’ motor racing venues in their heydays and … and as they are today …
  • Stunning original photography of every circuit by new name Gavin D. Ireland
  • Track diagrams show the evolution of the circuits
  • Many period photographs and period memorabilia illustrations such as programme covers/event posters
  • Haunting images capture the spirit of forgotten venues
  • Many of the ‘lost’ circuits are under threat: the book includes details of campaigns to save them