My Day At The Silverstone Classic 2017

July 30, 2017 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 31, 2017

Well, first let’s just say, July’s weather hasn’t really been great this year for the Silverstone Classic. None the less I spent a great day at the event, in fact 8 hours of walking around to be exact. With so many car clubs, race cars and attractions to see, you’ll need to make sure you’re wearing comfortable foot wear.

Silverstone Auction
For me one of the highlights was the cars on display to be auctioned off, and gazing in awe at the estimates for cars I could have bought 10-15 years earlier for a fifth to a tenth of what was being asked now. Hind sight is a wonderful thing. The auction included race cars, classic cars, modern sports cars and automobilia.

Some of the cars at this year’s Silverstone auction included a 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona once owned by Sir Elton John, a 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Coupé previously owned by Lulu, ex-Tim Harvey’s Labatt’s BTCC BMW M3 and BTCC Ford Sierra RS500 race cars, Barry Sheene’s 1985 works Toyota Supra race car to name a few.

Great showing from some of the car manufacturers and as usual Porsche put on a great display, showcasing there classic car restoration program and some great cars.

Car Clubs
As usual, there was a good number of car clubs scattered around, with some even attending from other countries, showcasing a good variety of cars, pasts and present. These car clubs quite honesty make up a great proportion of the show and it is great to see the support that these clubs offer to such an event.

Some makes of car were also celebrating anniversaries, including:

Race Paddocks
At Silverstone you get the opportunity to wonder around and get a great look at the race cars up close and personal, as they are prepped and fettled with by their owners and mechanics. There are very few places that you can get this close and personal with these types of cars and the sights, sounds and smell are a petrol heads dream.

This year there was a large number of pre war cars harking back to the days of the Bentley Boys and marking the return of the Kidston Trophy

Attractions and other events
Other attractions included, live music, Jaguar drift rides, Village green with various activities and rides for kids and adults alike, live demos, a shopping area, supercars, Ebay restoration (this year was a Ford Capri 2.8i), some burnouts and short drag shootouts and of course classic motor racing.