MX5 Parts Rear Arch Repair Panel For Mazda MX5 Mk1

March 7, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on March 7, 2016

MX5 Parts Rear Arch Repair Panel For Mazda MX5 Mk1
There’s just no getting around the fact that Mk1 Mazda MX5s need very little encouragement to rust, and once the rot sets in with gusto then repairs become ever more time consuming and resource heavy! Luckily MX5 Parts, the UK’s foremost MX5 specialist and parts supplier, has the solution, with a range of exterior body panels to get your pride and joy looking perfect once again. The latest addition to the firm’s bodywork range is a rear three-quarter wing section, perfect for simply and swiftly removing any rust that has taken hold, and all without the need to resort to an angle grinder or breaking out the filler.

Mk1 MX5 rear wings and the wheel arches that form their base are well known for rusting, scabbing and generally functioning as a bodywork rot-spot, and with the youngest of face-lifted Mk1s know being 19 years old, there’s a good chance that your car could benefit from a brand new panel. Complete repair sections are of huge importance to both the appearance and structural rigidity of any MX5 and as such the panels stocked by MX5 Parts are of OEM quality, coming complete with all the pressing marks and stamps that customers have come to expect from their components. Fitment is a straightforward affair, simply remove the original panel, carefully offer up the new one, then weld it into position once it’s been accurately sited and located. The level of attention to detail present in the manufacturing process ensures simple fitment to all Mk1s, and MX5 Parts have both driver and passenger side rear wings ready in stock, all waiting to be shipped out within hours of an order being placed.

“We’re all dedicated MX5 enthusiasts at the end of the day, it’s the reason the company exists and why it was setup fifteen years ago,” explains Steve Giles, MD of MX5 Parts. “Fighting rust is unfortunately an all too common situation for Mk1 owners to find themselves in, so we hope our range of panels for these cars helps keep them on the UK’s roads for many years to come.”

MX5 Parts carry an exhaustive selection of bodywork panels for all Mk1s, with the firm able to offer customers both offside and near-side front and rear wings, front panels, bonnets, boot lids and a selection of other frequently required fairings and trim pieces. The upshot of this extensive stock list is that the company really can function as your one stop MX5 shop, more than capable of filling almost any part or panel request you can think of, and all from their well-appointed workshops staffed by some of the UK’s most passionate and knowledgeable MX5 specialists. An impressive range of MX5-related services are offered from these impeccably maintained premises, everything from routine servicing, repairs and fettling, right up to complete restoration and re-commissioning work, and all at very competitive prices.

Price: £220.53 (ex. VAT), £264.64 (inc. VAT)

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