MX5 Parts Milltek Sport Exhaust System For Mazda NC MX5

February 9, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on February 9, 2016

Milltek Sport Exhaust System For Mazda NC MX5
With the latest ND model now out on the roads, Mazda has once again reminded all of us all of its mastery of the roadster genre. Although the current Mk4 version may be out of the reach of many enthusiasts, it has served to direct many petrolheads to the small ads to pick up a nice example of the previous Mk3/3.5 (’05-’14). There, you have almost all the ability of the new car at a fraction of the price. And, when you’ve found a great example, what better first mod than adding one of Milltek’s sonorous and future-proof cat-back sports exhaust systems? – available exclusively from

Each one is lovingly hand -finished in Milltek’s Derbyshire factory, here in the UK, and is crafted from the finest 60mm diameter aerospace grade non-magnetic stainless steel. As you might expect, durability and quality are both key parts of the design, but that said, the Milltek system is still lighter than the OEM parts it replaces – essential on a weight-conscious car like the MX5.

The system consists of one front connecting pipe, centre section and a smart looking transverse rear silencer with twin tailpipe outlets. For the Mk3 these are finished with the highly tasteful 90mm ‘Jet’ tailpipes.

In all cases the systems fits quickly and easily, with much attention paid to the sound quality- all so important in roadster, of course. Here, Milltek’s R&D engineers have managed to strike a fine balance between a crisp sporty tone with a little extra volume, without creating a boom or drone at motorway speeds. After all, the little Mazda has always prided itself on being the most useable of all sports cars!

The system comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner and is priced at £699.95 including VAT.

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