Master Maserati Driving Courses Available For 2015

February 18, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 3, 2015

Master Maserati Driving Courses 2015

  • “Master GT” courses will start on 29 April, implemented by the “Master Warm Up”, the “Master Italian Lifestyle Experience” and the “Master High Performance” courses.
  • Taught by expert Maserati instructors and led by former Formula 1 driver Andrea de Adamich, the courses will be held at the Varano de’Melegari circuit, Parma.

The Master Maserati 2015 programme offers a complete range of experiences, all completely exclusive, starting from the new “Master Warm Up”, continuing with the classic “GT Master” course over one or two days, to the “Master Italian Lifestyle Experience”, which combines the most representative and attractive elements of Made in Italy, to the “Master High Performance” for the more skilled driver, who will be taught driving techniques in high-performance cars, becoming true professional racing drivers. The main objective of the Master Maserati racing-circuit driving courses is to deliver unbeatable instruction and safety offering the entire range of Trident models: from the GranTurismo to the MC Stradale and from the new Quattroporte to the new Ghibli and GranCabrio.

The Autodrome in Varano de’Melegari, approximately 20 km from Parma, is the perfect location for the Master Maserati courses to take place; an ideal circuit to develop driving skills and combine excellent track characteristics with professional services, ensuring that track sessions take place in maximum safety, under the precise teaching supervision of the best Master instructor-drivers.  A highly qualified team of professional drivers, selected and coordinated by former Formula 1 driver Andrea de Adamich.

A fleet of fifteen vehicles, each with an audio/video recording system installed on board, will be available for participants to appreciate that all-Italian style and elegance which has always characterised Maserati’s activities. Engaging and exciting experiences, whilst making on-road driving techniques safe and controlled, even in emergency situations.

In further detail, the Master Maserati 2015 initiative offers the following range of programmes:

Master Warm Up – 5th May / 26th June / 21st September

The new format of the Master Maserati 2015 programme – the “Master Warm Up” – is the first platform for experiencing the Maserati cars’ stunning performance. The course offers clients an optional morning visit to the Modena Factory. The course features several driving sessions on the circuit to enable the participant to gain familiarity with the most effective driving techniques, not just on the track but on the road too. This all takes place under the careful teaching supervision of the Master instructor-drivers, true professionals, with outstanding skills in teaching GT driving techniques in high-performance cars. Constant in-car support from the instructor allows teaching to be optimised step-by-step and ensures all dynamic activities are carried out in absolute safety.

Number of attendees: 24 per course, 6-8 per group

Master GT 1 Day – 14th May/ 2nd July/ 16th October

A whole day dedicated to improving circuit driving techniques including telemetry and exercises to control over steer.

Number of attendees: 24 per course, 6-8 per group

Master GT 2 Days – 29th-30th Apr/ 29th-30th May/ 17th-18th Jun/ 6th-7th Jul / 30th Sep-1stOct/ 29th-30th Oct

Two days to improve circuit driving techniques. It includes telemetry and driving exercises on a slippery, low grip surface.

Number of attendees: 24 per course, 6-8 per group

Master Italian Lifestyle Experience – 16th and 17th July

The Master Maserati programme offers both the driver and companion a complete range of exclusive experiences, with all-Italian style and elegance.  The package includes a circuit driving session and an exclusive sightseeing tour of Florence and Parma, among two of the richest cities in terms of history. The programme offers a five star “lifestyle” experience which is fully engaging for both driver and companion.

Number of attendees: 12/24 for each event

Master High Performance – 7th and 8th Oct

This programme represents the natural advancement of driving technique concepts, developed in the GT courses. It consists of advanced concepts for fast driving and more technically complex control exercises, with a dynamic that suits the personal needs and expectations of individual participants, and uses telemetry to analyze technical aspects.

Number of attendees: 24 per course, 6-8 per group