Litchfield Releases Dodson R35 GTR Billet Sump Range

February 25, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on February 25, 2016

Litchfield Releases Dodson R35 GTR Billet Sump Range
Litchfield, Europe’s leading GTR tuner and Dodson Motorsport distributor, has released details of its latest addition to its popular line up. This precision machined, uprated sump range for Nissan’s highly capable R35 GT-R. These Dodson GR6 sumps are ideal for enthusiasts that drive their cars hard on the street, or who frequent the track. There is also an option available aimed specifically at those owners that like to regularly drag race their cars, too.

Both upgrades look very similar from the outside, but it’s inside where the differences lie, and where the two designs differ in their operation. Dodson Motorsport has developed a new Drag-specific GR6 transmission sump which relocates the pickup of the transmission pan filter to a vastly superior internal design. The transmission pan filter is tightly secured with a stainless steel bracket and uses the OEM filter system for optimum efficiency. This set-up is ideal to the surge and demand characteristics of drag-raced cars, which differ greatly from the lateral surge requirements of circuit-driven machinery.

The “Circuit” sump is an upgrade on the existing Dodson motorsport-proven design and has similar flow gallery design to the OEM sump, but with much greater flow and surge control under hard cornering, making it perfect for cars being driven hard on track, or being pushed hard on fast country lanes.

Litchfield offers both Dodson Billet Sump pans complete with a transmission pan gasket and mounting hardware. Both are to be installed in conjunction with R35 GR6 Anti Surge Plates which come as part of the Dodson kit. Litchfield are also offering a modified version with their new gearbox oil cooler which is nearing completion.

Oil surge – and the subsequent lubricant starvation it causes – are both proven to cause the unnecessary death of many, otherwise perfect, engines. These Dodson sump upgrade packages will hugely reduce the chances of this happening, future-proofing the engine and longevity to the drivetrain of any R35. Ideal for a fast road car, and a veritable essential on anything driven in the white heat of competition, they represent excellent value as an insurance policy.

Litchfield always carries these part in stock and they are available from their parts department for trade and retail customers alike.


Dodson Transmission Pan for Circuit racing £650.00 + VAT

Dodson Transmission Pan for Drag Racing £662.50 + VAT

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