Litchfield Motors Releases Details Of Brand New Nissan GT-R Model – The LM20

January 12, 2017 By Mike Lee
Last updated on January 12, 2017

Litchfield Motors Releases Details Of Brand New Nissan GT-R Model – The LM20
It says a lot about the Nissan GT-R that it’s only reached its full potential, a full decade after it was first launched onto an unsuspecting public. There have been many high powerful GT-Rs over the last ten years of course, but it’s fallen to Litchfield Motors, one of the most respected supercar specialists around and the first in Europe to import and work on the car, to create the ultimate ‘turnkey’ iteration of Japan’s foremost Ferrari-smasher, and it’s called the LM20. Not only is the resulting car, arguably, the greatest road-going GT-R so far, it’s been built to celebrate its creator’s 20th anniversary, an important milestone that’s now been suitably marked. The car will be unveiled at the 2017 Autosport show at Birmingham’s NEC on the 12th January.

Though developed and built in house by Litchfield’s hugely capable engineering team, the LM20 is actually based upon the latest iteration of the GT-R, the all-new 2017 Black Edition, and therefore benefits from the latest round of factory updates. Working with a ‘virgin’ canvas has allowed Litchfield to really extract every last shred of performance from the legendary ‘Godzilla,’ and the result is a jaw-droppingly capable car. It also means that prospective customers can specify their base shade from Nissan’s own palette, so there’s no need to compromise on personal colour preference.

As befitting of a car developed to celebrate Litchfield’s 20th year of operation, the LM20 is an incredibly exclusive product, with just 20 cars planned, each individually numbered and with its own internal plaque and badging. Put simply, we can think of no finer way of marking Litchfield’s two decades of supercar tuning than this, the ultimate GT-R and an iteration that’s stuffed with its creator’s hard-won experience and expertise.

Far from a mere number-chasing dragster, the LM20 has been developed to be the ultimate road going GT-R, a hugely capable package built without compromise. What Litchfield’s engineering team doesn’t know about the GT-R’s V6 isn’t worth knowing, so it won’t be at all surprising to learn that the LM20 can call upon the services of a thumping 675 PS (666bhp) or pure power, with a truly excellent spread of torque across the entirety of the range: 500lb/ft at just 2,100RPM and 600lb/ft at 2,500RPM-5,100RPM. It means that both torque and power are available on demand and at the merest squeeze of the throttle, as is truly mesmerizing performance.

The sheer, brute power and torque generated by the Nissan V6 translates to earth moving real world statistics. Indeed, the LM20 can complete the 0-60mph dash in 2.5 seconds, the 0-100mph sprint in 5.7 seconds, before powering on to 200mph+, with everything controlled via a battery of ECU calibrations that further enhance the car’s power, efficiency and economy.

The power figures above are so high as to be hard to truly grasp, let along fully appreciate. It might help to know that the LM20’s peak power of 666bhp (in old money) is exactly the same as that of the McLaren 675LT, and while the supercar might be a shade lighter, the LM20 has four-wheel drive and an extra 100lb/ft of torque. It all adds up to a mightily impressive spec, and begs the question as to whether there’s a faster real world performance car currently available at any price. Answers on a postcard, please.

Litchfield’s credentials weren’t built on merely making astoundingly fast cars though, and the LM20 is actually the latest in a long line of Litchfield developed specials able to handle their power thanks to equally impressively realised (and almost infinitely adjustable) control systems. LM20 owners will be able to utilise all of their cars’ performance thanks to Litchfield’s unique stability control strategy and advanced traction control setup, both of which combine to produce staggering cross country and track dynamics. Other fully integrated strategies give the driver the ability to toggle fuel octane and power levels on the fly via the steering wheel or iOS device.

The LM20 benefits from an almost completely overhauled chassis, with each and every individual component within it having been picked for its dynamic ability and the impact it has on the overall driving experience. To this end an enhanced version of Litchfield’s bespoke Bilstein Damptronic suspension has been utilised, along with custom Eibach springs and anti-roll bar. Not only is this hugely capable hardware, it can be fine-tuned to suit the preference of the owner, or to take into account the unique demands of the road or track that the GT-R is on at that point in time.

The brakes and wheels have been given the Litchfield treatment in response to the LM20’s capacious reserves of performance. 400Mm Alcon front and rear discs with lightweight aluminium bells now handle stopping, all housed inside suitably aggressive looking (not to mention lightweight) Rays Track Edition wheels wrapped in Michelin tyres for exemplary dry and wet weather performance.

While it’s probably fair to say that it’s the LM20’s chassis and drivetrain that have garnered most attention so far, its motorsport-honed exterior is also decidedly trick. Lashings of British-built carbon fibre are the order of the day, with the front lip spoiler, grille blade and portions of the rear bumper having all been created from the material by a current F1 supplier. The former is well worth covering in greater detail, as not only does it look great, it’s been devised to generate downforce and features side air guides which help improve airflow along the sides of the car and around the front wheels. The revised front grille makes the front end look even more menacing, the rear bumper vents (inspired by NISMO) aid the removal of pressure and heat, and the rear spoiler extension helps sculpt the air as it flows over the rump of the car.

The LM20 is backed up by a comprehensive support package that includes Litchfield’s 3 year warranty and breakdown cover, further underlining its maker’s confidence and technical ability. The warranty even covers official GT-R Owner’s Club Trackdays. Servicing is also covered free of charge for the full duration of the 3 year warranty.

Make no mistake, the LM20 is the ultimate road-going GT-R and the perfect way to mark its maker’s 20th year of existence. Designed and produced entirely within the UK, the LM20 is a limited production special that celebrates performance without compromise.

Price: £96,995 OTR

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