Litchfield Ford Focus RS Tuning Programme

May 4, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 4, 2016

Litchfield Ford Focus RS Tuning Programme (1)
Leading tuner Litchfield has announced that its enhancement programme for the new Ford Focus RS is ‘well underway’, with the firm having already completed several dyno and road runs on its own development car.

As one of the first tuning concerns to obtain a UK-spec RS, Litchfield’s R&D team has already been evaluating the first bolt-on options such as brakes, suspension, exhaust and induction – as well as running through a range of ECU tuning options that will offer a sensible range of power and torque hikes to discerning owners.

Cooling is also being addressed, with initial testing protocols and prototypes being developed for both radiator and intercooler upgrades – both as stand-alone modifications, and as essential additions to other tuning packages. Litchfield is also investigating turbo options for later development and launch throughout 2016.

As technical partner to Michelin, and as purveyors of many of Europe’s highest quality wheel brands, Litchfield will also be offering a carefully chosen range of wheel and tyre upgrades too, that major on performance and dynamic advantage, as much as they do on aesthetic appeal.

“We’re developing two distinct levels of tuning for our Focus RS clientele.” Explains founder, Iain Litchfield. We will initially launch with a range of affordable, subtle tuning packages that will appeal to those looking to stay close to the standard car, but with a few power and driveability refinements. We will have soon signed off more warranty friendly mods like wheels, brakes, exhausts and suspension packages, but once we have fully tested and refined them, we will also be launching a range of more significant upgrades, including ECU and power package for owners that really want to get the very best from the car.”

The Litchfield website, blog and Facebook page will showcase the very latest developments as they are signed off, so make sure you keep checking to see the very latest Focus RS news!

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