Litchfield First To Announce Tuning Packages For New Focus RS Using The Cobb Accessport

July 22, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on July 22, 2016

Litchfield First To Announce Tuning Packages For New Focus RS Using The Cobb Accessport
Already one of world’s foremost tuners and supercar fettlers, Litchfield Imports has consolidated its reputation by being the first to market a range of ECU tuning solutions for the brand new Ford Focus RS, undoubtedly one of the most hotly anticipated cars of recent years. Based around the highly regarded Cobb Accessport V3 delivery tool, Litchfield’s Stage 1 ECU calibration sees peak power jump to 365bhp/370PS (standard RS power is 343bhp/350PS) and 375lbft/508Nm (standard RS torque is 350lbft/474Nm) respectively, with equally impressive mid-range gains.

Litchfield is ideally placed to offer a range of tuning options for those Focus owners keen to push their cars over and above the original Ford specification. A long standing relationship with Cobb Tuning has seen Litchfield market various tuning solutions for some of the most iconic car manufacturers around, including BMW and Porsche. With such an impressive track record and working relationship, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Litchfield has been working with Cobb to Beta test its Accessport and ProTuner software, both of which are extremely powerful and will form the basis of Litchfield’s RS OEM ECU mapping going forward.

All Accessport V3s will come pre-loaded with Off The Shelf (OTS) maps from Cobb, and these offer a conservative first upgrade based on US fuel octane ratings. Litchfield has also been working on a range of Stage 1 mapping solutions for some time, meaning that all RS Accessports supplied by the Gloucestershire-based concern will come with its own advanced calibrations pre-loaded and ready to access. Litchfield have racked up over 4000 miles of road and track testing across Europe to help developed these calibrations, insuring RS owners get the very best setup.

In addition to the pre-loaded Stage 1 maps, Litchfield can also offer custom tuning to further refine the calibration or to utilise further modifications the car might have installed.

Litchfield’s Stage 1 ECU calibration has been proven to offer notable gains in performance and improved drivability, with peak power and torque. Power and torque increases are felt throughout the rev range, with over 33bhp more at 5,400rpm and 20bhp extra at peak power. Torque also jumps considerably, with 47lbft more available from just 2,000rpm, rising to 51lbft at 2,900rpm. These increased in bhp and torque fundamentally alter the way the new RS delivers its power for the better, with a reduction in lag and a sharpened throttle response being among the happy by-products.

Pre-loaded and ready to use right away, Litchfield’s ECU calibrations offer greater increases in power and torque to their US Cobb OTS equivalents, while the 2 maps included can be simply and swiftly toggled to account for UK/EU grade 95 Unleaded and Super Unleaded calibrations.

Being based around Accessport V3 ensures that reflashing back to standard is both swift and straightforward should the RS in question require a dealer update, and it can be accessed remotely for assistance and updates from Litchfield’s technical team.


Accessport V3 with Litchfield Stage 1 file pre-installed £550+ VAT

Litchfield Custom tuning £250+ VAT


Ford Focus RS Accessport V3

· Larger, full color, higher resolution screen

· Customizable multi-gauge display

· In vehicle mount, with on/off switch

· Faster and easier to use with a familiar face

· Interchangeable faceplates