Litchfield Charity Dyno Day A Great Success

June 6, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 2, 2015

Litchfield Charity Dyno Day A Great Success (32)

Gloucestershire based super-tuner Litchfield threw open its doors last weekend to invite many of its Nissan GT-R clients over for a charity dyno and open day – with WTCC star (and Litchfield’s very own development driver) Rob Huff on hand to host proceedings.

Litchfield’s secure compound is usually the best place to witness a large gaggle of GT-Rs together, but for the open day, there were even more of Nissan’s supercar than normal, with literally dozens of guests turning up to chat to fellow enthusiasts, take advantage of great deals and also meet the heads of several blue-chip automotive manufacturers who supported the event. In addition to Litchfield’s own R&D staff, technical partners Turbo Dynamics, Akrapovic, EcuTek, Asnu and Dodson Motorsport were also present to answer any set-up or tech queries that GT-R owners may have had.

Inside, Litchfield’s clinical workshops were laid open for all to inspect the new state-of-the-art facilities and, as the pictures show, with a clientele these days that includes many supercar owners, the machinery inside was even more impressive than the gleaming rows parked outside! Litchfield’s own World Record Breaking Nissan GTR, an ultra-rare Lexus LFA, a hen’s-teeth spec naked-carbon Veyron, plus Europe’s only Camaro Z28, Litchfield’s Ferrari 458 Twin Turbo development car, 328 GTB, plus Litchfield’s own tweaked RS6,and M4 and even an exclusive 8C Spyder Special Edition were all parked up to admire. For the true automotive train-spotters, a rarely-seen Bugatti EB110GT could also be salivated over. There are several museums with worse line-ups than that!

The weather played along too, allowing Litchfield’s grounds to become an exclusive car show for the day. Even with the machinery present and the welcome sunshine, many guests were still to be found inside however, thanks to the firm’s dyno being set-up all day for charity dyno runs – as well as the opportunity for guests with various states of Litchfield tune to compare and contrast their car’s performance. In all, some 21 cars managed full power runs, with many of the cars benefitting from the firm’s latest Stage 4.25 conversion really proving their money’s worth on the rollers! (Full results below)

In all, the day was a huge success, with large amounts of money being raised for Litchfield’s nominated charities and several owners leaving with a considerable shopping list for futures visits – as well as a stack of new friends and tuning contacts. Commenting on the wonderful outcome of this inaugural event, Litchfield founder, Iain Litchfield was clearly elated with how it had all gone. “I’m delighted that this first event has gone so well, and I’m indebted to our guests, our technical partners and of course, Rob Huff, for joining us today. We’ve raised some money for our favourite charities, we’ve messed about with cars all day and we’ve met and caught up with some fantastic owners. It’s been the perfect day at work really!”

Dyno Results

Kevin – Litchfield Stage 4.5 with Intercooler 734.6bhp 652 lb-ft
Julian – Litchfield Stage 2: 592bhp / 529 lb-ft
Dave – Litchfield Stage 1 592bhp / 527 lb-ft
Ian – Litchfield Stage 1: 570bhp / 527 lb-ft
Hugh – Litchfield Stage 4.25: 628.7bhp / 561.9 lb-ft
Martin – Litchfield Stage 4.25: 646bhp / 581.7 lb-ft
Nick – Litchfield Stage 4.25: 651bhp / 575 lb-ft
Tin – MY11 Litchfield Stage 4.25: 680.9bhp / 634 lb-ft
Adnan – MY13 Standard: 576bhp / 491 lb-ft
Andre – Litchfield LM850: 854bhp / 654 lb-ft
Buzz – 792.3bhp / 758 lb-ft
Gary – Litchfield LM850: 843.7bhp / 678 lb-ft
Wayne – 643.1bhp / 648.6 lb-ft
Steve – Litchfield Stage 4: 610bhp / 618 lb-ft
Simon – Litchfield Stage 4.5 with Intercooler: 746.5bhp / 643.8 lb-ft
Adam – Standard MY13 580.9bhp / 502.5 lb-ft
Chris – MY14 with Y-Pipe 577bhp / 511 lb-ft
Nick B – 803bhp / 723 lb-ft
Goldy – Litchfield Stage 4.5 with Intercooler: 752bhp / 637 lb-ft
Orcun – Litchfield Stage 4.25 645bhp / 600lb-ft
Chris – MY14 Litchfield Stage 1: 625bhp / 533 lb-ft