LIGHTWEIGHT Performance M2 convertible

April 17, 2020 By Mike
Last updated on April 17, 2020

Tuner LIGHTWEIGHT performance has a very special vehicle in its portfolio – a M2 convertible

The BMW Tuner LIGHTWEIGHT performance based in Sinn-Fleisbach, Germany, which has been on the market for 10 years, builds vehicles that customers cannot find in the BMW range.

Here the team around Managing Director Marc Müller has remained true to the Lightweight philosophy: “Not only beautiful, but also fast”.

The convertible, which was already presented in 2018, was recently able to demonstrate how quick it is.

With this setup which was not only coordinated for winding country roads for cruising or for a shopping tour in the city center, it went to the Sachsenring.

At the Sachsenring LIGHTWEIGHT performance had recently delivered a lap time of 1:31.16 with its M2 Competition and shaved off 6.5 seconds by the production model but also of the top model – the M2 CS – by more than 3 seconds (1:34.98) on a lap.

Even if the convertible weights 100 kilos more due to the roof construction (technology and linkage), tuner LIGHTWEIGHT performance was very optimistic about a possible quick lap time.

This optimism stems from the N55 engine, which was increased from 370 hp standard to 428 hp with an upgrade kit from LIGHTWEIGHT. A downpipe and the self-developed four-pipe sports exhaust system help to convert the horsepower into forward thrust.

The clubsport coilover suspension known from the cooperation and development partner Bilstein harmonizes with a wheel-tire combination that you don’t see every day: 20 “on the front axle and 21” on the rear axle!

The basis for the M2 convertible is a M235i with the original BMW M2 body parts and the lightweight carbon components front spoiler, diffuser, mirror caps and kidneys as well as a GTS bonnet.

With all the bodywork conversion done, it is important to Marc Müller that not only M2 optics but also M2 technology such as the aforementioned N55 engine, M2 axles, M2 brakes and the DKG gearbox have been installed and work together harmoniously, as you would expect from BMW in series production cars.

Due to the sheer technology, we almost forgot about lap time. The Lightweight M2 convertible completed the cornering at Sachsenring in 1:34.16 and is almost 1 second faster than the limited M2 CS. With this lap time, the lightweight vehicle is in the open BMW category only behind the recently introduced M8 convertible.

Summer is just around the corner, tuner LIGHTWEIGHT in the starting blocks for other vehicles. The number of pieces of the M2 CS will certainly not be reached. Accordingly, you have the opportunity to configure a very special vehicle according to your individual needs.

  • Times are from a vehicle test by a renowned specialist magazine

Technical data of the LW M2 convertible are shown here:

BMW M2 F87 N55 engine with 7-speed DKG gearbox, M2 axles, M2 differential
Power: 428hp, 600 NM torque via map optimization; 300 km/h top speed

Chassis: Bilstein Clubsport chassis with LIGHTWEIGHT setup, modified tie rods rear M4 GTS gearbox / DSC and differential software

Brake: Standard M2 F87 brakes with endless pads and braided steel brake lines; M4 GTS ABS software

Wheels: 9×20 with 265/30/20 VA and 11×21 HA with 305/25/21 Michelin Pilot Sport4

Exterior: Lightweight real carbon front spoiler with real carbon sideblades (can also be combined with M-Performance sideblades); Lightweight real carbon rear diffuser; Lightweight real carbon rear spoiler; Lightweight real carbon kidney inserts; Lightweight real carbon bonnet GTS; Lightweight headlights and air intake stickers

Interior: Lightweight real carbon interior trim; Steering wheel with Alcantara / perforated leather, individual cover; Lightweight display; BMW M2 interior nappa leather black; Lightweight floor mats velor

Exhaust: Lightweight titanium muffler with real carbon tailpipes; Lightweight 300 cell downpipe