LIGHTWEIGHT Performance M2 Competition

May 5, 2020 By Mike
Last updated on May 6, 2020

Does tuner LIGHTWEIGHT Performance close the BMW model gap ?

The M2 Competition is on the market since 2018.
The top version, the M2 CS, was recently presented in limited numbers.

But if you ask diehard BMW fans, an acronym has been missing long in a BMW model name. CSL – (Coupe Sport Leichtbau translates to Coupe Sport Lightweight)

Tuner Lightweight Performance from Sinn-Fleisbach knows the abbreviation very well.

They use an E46 M3 CSL as a long-standing company car for trackdays and events. “Our CSL is a big part of the company’s history. For more than 10 years we have been walking the path together. From the development for our products to also beeing the racing taxi on various racetracks. ”

What could be more obvious than implementing the CSL genes on the basis of the M2 Competition ? No sooner said than done – the steel roof was replaced by a carbon roof.
This brought 6.5 kg minus and a lower center of gravity.

Other Lightweight components such as a carbon front spoiler, carbon rear diffuser, carbon rear wing complement the aerodynamics in order to generate safe driving behavior at higher speeds by means of increased downforce. Visually, the carbon attachments also look very sporty without looking fake or over the top.

Did we just write higher speeds? Yes Sir ! This M2 Competition delivers 494PS / 653NM and the forward thrust only stops at 303 km / h. Of course, with TÜV certification.

Technology also with the 10×19″ wheels. The Lightweight forged wheel weights only 9.2 kilograms without tires, making it around three kilos lighter than the standard rim. The general rule is known: the lower the mass of unsprung components, the better the driving characteristics of a vehicle.

The Lightweight exhaust system starting from OPF (with EC approval) doesn’t just sound good; it reduces the weight by another 7 kilos.

In the chassis, Lightweight used a Bilstein Clubsport coilover; this lends itself to the fact that, since the E46 M3 CSL, we can look back on many years of successful cooperation.

These ingredients mixed and adjusted with the Lightweight Know How result in a lap time of 1:31.16 at the Sachsenring. For comparison: the special model M2 CS mentioned above did the lap in 1:34.97. Thus, the M2 Competition by Lightweight Performance ranks between super athletes.

Very important: The requirement for this conversion was that everyday suitability does not suffer. The lap time has been driven in a car with back seats and all comfort features!

The entire potential of a Lightweight modified BMW can be seen if we can see in history that with a Lightweight M4 and a special model, the Lightweight M2 CSR, the team was the first in the BMW sector to have a lap time of under 1:30:00 on the Sachsenring in a road legal car.

Let’s take a look at the overall package that Lightweight has put together here: On the one hand, a beautiful M2 Coupe paired with absolute suitability for everyday use. On the other hand a real racer.

Did Lightweight just manage to build the egg-laying wool milk sow? Or even better – a vehicle that would have earned the abbreviation CSL?

The total package of modifications is around 20,000 euros and can be expanded or customized as required.

The company motto: “Stop following – take the lead” is the program.

And should you miss an open version of the M2 Competition; here, too, Lightweight Performance has something in its portfolio.