LARTE Makes The Mercedes V-Class The “Black Crystal” Business Road-Jet

June 23, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on June 23, 2016

LARTE Makes The Mercedes V-Class The “Black Crystal” Business Road-Jet
What does a person feel who owns his own comfortable business jet that can bring him anywhere in the world? What does he feel, when he is going down the stairs of the gangway, dressed in the latest fashion, knowing that his attire perfectly matches him with regards to colour and style? What emotions are moving him, when he sees that a unique caris waiting for him, created according to his wishes, reflecting his vision of clear lines and modern design. What are the feelings of a successful owner of all those pleasant gifts of fate? He feels freedom! The freedom of choice, the freedom to fulfil his desires!That is the atmosphere, created during a jointphoto shooting on the territory of the Business Aviation Centre of Moscow Domodedovo airport with theItalian fashion brand Uomo Collezioni.

The LARTE Design studio has created a design package for the Mercedes V-Class, called Black Crystal. This luxurious business jet on wheels has been designed to show its passengers the highest level of comfort, emphasizing their high status. This extraordinary V-Class with the modified exterior tuning package will attract attention with its expressive and unique body design, refinement and clarity of lines as well as a splendid interior. The brand-new front and rear bumpers are made of composite materials and decorated with carbon fiber elements. Two black Swarovski crystals are embedded in the front bumper, symbolizing the name of the tuning package. Moreover, the LARTE Black Crystal features stunning LED daytime running lights, which have become a typical design feature of the company. Now, you can enjoy the comfort and aesthetics – every minute and inch of your way, imbued with a unique and exclusively chosen vehicle.Success in the sky – that you can feel on earth!

LARTE Design expresses gratitude to the Moscow Domodedovo airport, Domodedovo Business Aviation Center Airport, and the Italian brand Uomo Collezioni for their kind assistance during the photo and video shooting.