LARTE LR3 Infiniti QX80

December 13, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on December 13, 2016

LARTE LR3 Infiniti QX80
Offensive car design for a famous defense player
NFL star Domata Peko drives the Infiniti QX80 with the LARTE LR3 tuning kit

The American sports star Domata Peko represents 322 lb (146 kg) of pure muscles. When the famous football defensive tackle of the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFLdecided to buy a new car, he was looking for a SUV, which should be as impressing as himself. Finally, he opted for the giant Infiniti QX80 with the amazing LR3 tuning kit from LARTE Design. Despite its length of 5.30 metres, this stylish vehicle is both elegant and sporty.

Only high-quality PU RIM has been used as the material for the QX80’s body kit with which the SUV discards its restrained elegance through the implementation of a new front design to finally reveal its true nature. The standard radiator grille, which is rather more restrained, has, for instance, been replaced with a considerably more representative version that possesses matt-black struts. The cross lines are supplemented here with interleaved “Vs”: V for Victory! Or touchdown, as Peko would say. It looks as if the grille almost runs to the bottom edge of the front spoiler – an effect that is achieved with the help of specially designed panels and air intakes. LARTE has generally moved away from the round shapes on the bumpers and has intentionally chosen a more martial design with edges, corners, indicated spoilers and air intakes. Two pairs of round additional lamps, which assume the function of daytime running lights, have also been installed.

And to acoustically emphasise engine power, LARTE also installed a sophisticated stainless-steel exhaust system. The four pipes – each possessing a diameter of 101 millimetres – have been held in black chrome and arranged in two pairs on the left and right rear. In conjunction with the entirely newly designed LARTE apron in the style of the front bumper, the eye-catching exhaust system constitutes the dominating element of style: the new bumper is more square, three-dimensional and much more aggressive than Infiniti’s original. And the interior? Here, LARTEemployed elements of style that have been taken from boat-building and has fitted the foot spaces and the luggage compartment with high-quality teak wood flooring.