LARTE Infiniti Q30

October 25, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on October 25, 2016

LARTE Infiniti Q30
What a hot hatch
LARTE gives the Infiniti Q30 stunning looks and more than 200 diesel horses

With the Q30, Infiniti offers a very new and really smart-lookingalternative in the compact class. However, the competitive battle is very hard in this segment and there are several well-established rivals around – especially if we are talking about really “hot hatches” – such as the VW Golf GTI, the Ford Focus ST, the Mercedes A-Class or the BMW 1 Series.Thus, as an experienced specialist for tuning cars by Infiniti, LARTE Design, together with the German company AHG, takes care of the Q30. New strong and light parts made of ABS plastic give the Japanese hatchbackthe unique certain something, you simply can’t resist.

The LARTE guys know their craft and created a very efficient bodywork, and so the package gets along with just a few new elements, while creating a totally different and by far fiercer look. For example, the new roof spoiler, which also fits the QX30, is giving the rear a very sporty and aggressive appearance. In like manner, a splitter and small dual level cupwings are added at the front.

While LARTE Design has been responsible for the amazing bodywork, AHG contributes a performance upgrade, which squeezes 205hp and 410 Nm out of the 2.2 litre diesel engine, which offers a series power of only 170 hp. Moreover, AHG installs sport springs, which lower the Infiniti by 30 millimetres, and make the handling of the car much more stable at high speeds. A further highlight is the set of 9×21 inch wheels, called Drago Hellcut. Doesn’t this seem appropriate for a hell of a car? All the improvements are in harmony and give the car a more dynamic and courageous character.