Introducing The DMC 488 GTB “ORSO”

May 18, 2016 By Mike Lee
Last updated on May 18, 2016

Introducing The DMC 488 GTB “ORSO”
When Ferrari launched the 488 GTB, it was more than polarising. People loved it, others didn’t. The twin turbo charged V8 was away from the classic natural aspirated engine, reason enough for some collectors to doubt the car. DMC’s German founders decided to give it a chance, by improving its aerodynamics as well as its power: Introducing the DMC 488 GTB Orso.

The engineers started subtle with an elegant Stage 1 kit. On the visual side DMC added a sword and a spoiler for the front bumper. Latter one is supported by vertical fins. The sides are now prominent placeholder of the company’s aero skirts, and the rear has got a new diffuser and a rear wing. As usual, these items are not only meant for aggressive looks but also to support the newly created engine power.

DMC was able to get 788 hp out of the standard 670 hp V8, an increase of 118 hp. Torque was driven up as well to 865 NM from previously 760 NM. All this, by merely reprogramming the ECU, and replacing the standard exhaust system with a DMC edition. There will be an interior option as well, offering a customised heaven. Each car will be tailored for the individual clients, using an array of finest italian leathers and carbon fiber. The wheel set up will be changed to 20? lightweight alloys on the front and 21? sizes on the rear, all made from forged material.

ach client is now also getting a DMC iPhone case, in the same colour spec as his car. It comes in a beautiful gift box and is free for owners, or can be purchased at DMC’s new accessory shop at .