Innovative Detroit Electric Design Concept Store

February 27, 2015 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 3, 2015

Innovative Detroit Electric Design Concept Store

  • Innovative Flagship Store design sets tone for Detroit Electric sales introduction
  • Unique new look demonstrates EV brand’s growing launch momentum
  • Showroom features eclectic mix of contemporary, urban and techno design
  • Customised LED lighting theme underlines clean energy of Detroit Electric vehicles
  • Boutique space showcases brand’s design, technology and pioneering values

Detroit Electric has revealed the unique and innovative design of its first flagship store, which has been constructed on the same site as the company’s dedicated production facility in Europe.

The distinctive dealer showroom design concept harmonises with the clean and futuristic styling of the marque’s debut production model, the exciting SP:01 pure-electric sports car, which will soon begin production at the plant in Leamington Spa, UK.

Clever interior details in the flagship store include reception and office furniture with clean lines, some seemingly cast in concrete for a thoroughly modern, industrial look, but which are then complemented and softened by recognisably classic modern furnishings such as Corbusier sofas and leather-and-chrome Marcel Brueuer Wassily chairs.

Customers will be able to ‘build’ their own SP:01 on large touchscreen displays in the showroom to unique, bespoke specifications, before discussing their vehicles in detail with Detroit Electric staff in a dedicated, exclusive customer area in the store.

“Laying down this showroom marker is an important step as we gear up to the start of production of our first model and prepare to roll it out to our first dealers in Asia and Europe,” said Albert Lam, Chairman and CEO of Detroit Electric.

“Our flagship store design reflects the pioneering design and technology values of a brand that can trace its roots back to 1907 – now revived a little over a century later,” he added. “The showroom is a visually-arresting and stylish environment where a customised lighting theme literally highlights our ‘pure-electric’ clean power product proposal.”

He described the brand’s store design as ‘Eclectic Electric’, blending a series of moods, themes and design cues which include:

  • “contemporary, urban and technology”
  • “engaging and encapsulating”
  • “simple and pure”
  • “inspiring and stimulating”

“Siting this first flagship facility alongside our dedicated production plant in England makes perfect sense,” said Mr Lam, “Prospective customers, distributors and dealers will be able to check out how we manufacture, present and sell our vehicles….all in one visit.

“Our dealer locations around the world will ultimately have some bespoke, local specifics, of course, but this new sales space template truly has international ‘showroom appeal’,” he added.