How to Find Out If You Have an Alignment Problem

February 27, 2014 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 7, 2015

How to Find Out If You Have an Alignment Problem

Serious issues with the safety of your vehicle may result from wheels which are misaligned.

Stability Issues

When the alignment of the wheel is not correct with a car, it can feel like it is pulling to one side or the other, making maneuvering tricky. This is especially the case when travelling at higher speeds and can make overtaking dangerous, as a result. Additionally, alignment problems can cause stability issues and this can make cornering hair-raising. Although misaligned wheels cause problems with steering, with a resultant impact on the safety of the passengers in the car, they also create a problem with the proper functioning of the vehicle. This can cost you plenty of hard earned cash if you don’t put it right. Noticing a pull on your steering wheel is usually the first way of detecting that you may have an alignment problem. If you do, it is time to take matters further.

Alignment problem causes quick wear and tear of tyres

When a car’s wheels are misaligned, it usually causes the tyres to become worn out more quickly than usual. This is because the tyre’s tread is not facing in the direction that the car is usually travelling in – directly forward. If your tyres are wearing out rapidly, with the wear more noticeable on one side than the other, then it is likely that the cause will be an alignment problem.

Safety Issues

Partly worn tyres are not as safe as new ones and continued wear caused by misaligned ones can mean that you are motoring illegally, invalidating your insurance. If you are in doubt about the wear of your tyres, then have them checked by a professional and buy new, correctly-sized, ones from a reputable independent dealership, such as Point-S Tyres. Once your tyres are changed, do not hesitate to have the misalignment adjusted so that your new ones don’t simply suffer the same fate as the ones you have just had removed.

Inefficient performance of the vehicle

It is worth remembering that wheels that are not pointing in exactly the right direction don’t just cost you a new set of tyres more frequently than you would like. They also cause your car or van to work less efficiently. Making the wheels of any vehicle turn is where much of the power of the engine is lost, in terms of efficiency. Therefore, things like misaligned wheels and under inflated tyres have an on-cost. If they are not put right, you end up spending more money at the petrol pump for every mile that you drive.

Diagnose the problem yourself

Wheels can easily fall out of alignment if you bump up and down curbs. Sometimes they point in the same direction but it is also common for them to point in opposite directions – so called toe in or toe out. Look at your car from the front a few meters away and it can be possible to identify this visually. Wheels that are angled in from top to bottom are said to have a positive camber and you’ll notice tyre wear on the outer edge if your car suffers from this problem. All of these faults are easily adjusted by a mechanic, so don’t be tempted to put off a repair once you have diagnosed the problem.

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