Hot Hatches And Vee Power Highlight New Themes At 2014 Goodwood Breakfast Club

January 21, 2014 By Mike Lee
Last updated on August 7, 2015

Hot Hatches and motorcycles will take centre stage at the Goodwood Breakfast Club time in 2014 as the ever-popular event enters its ninth season.

Firmly established as a ‘must-see’ event for car enthusiasts, and with free admission guaranteeing big and knowledgeable crowds, the Breakfast Club will be staged on five occasions from May to November.

Iconic high-street machines like the Volkswagen Golf GTi and Peugeot 205 GTi will mix it with modern favourites like the Ford Fiesta ST and the Renault Clio 200 Turbo on the all-new Hot Hatch Sunday on 5 October.

Vee-Power Sunday, on 2 November, brings two-wheeled exotica to the Breakfast Club for the first time as V-twin Harley Davidsons share the spotlight with mighty V16 Cadillacs and Bugattis, and everything else in between.

While the new themes add an exciting extra dimension to Breakfast Club, the ever-popular Supercar, Soft Top and Thoroughbred Sundays return for 2014.

With an eclectic mix of machinery and a delicious organic breakfast menu guaranteed for every event, there is something to entertain motoring enthusiasts, whatever your taste.

The dedicated and detailed Goodwood Breakfast Club website has regular updates on each monthly theme, and for 2014 visitors must pre-register online at ( to have a chance of their theme-relevant vehicle being displayed on the circuit. A full list of the 2014 Goodwood Breakfast Club dates and themes follows.


4 May: Supercar Sunday: The ultimate high-performance machines – cars and bikes – to create the greatest free supercarshow on the planet!

1 June: Soft Top Sunday: The best of top-down motoring, strutting their stuff in the Sussex summer sunshine.

3 August: Thoroughbred Sunday: Primarily for pre-1966 vehicles with a certain ‘pedigree’, celebrating the golden era of GoodwoodMotor Circuit.

5 October: Hot Hatch Sunday: Everything from the now classic early GTis to Group B refugees and Perspex-windowed track daywarriors. If it designed to go, bring it along to show…

2 November: Vee-Power Sunday: From Vee twin-cylinder motorcycles and micro cars to mighty V16 Cadillacs and Bugattis,Goodwood celebrates the versatile petrol-powered ‘vee’ engine in all its booming variety.

All 2014 Goodwood Breakfast Club events will be staged from 0800-1200 hours on the first Sunday of the month (except in July and September due to the proximity of major Goodwood motor sport events).